Bad Attitude Bunch!

There are a variety of things that will hold you back from reaching your weight loss goals, but the most astonishing of all is you. Without knowing it, your diet personality could be destroying your own efforts.

How you go about dieting may very well pave the way for failure before you even start. If you approach weight loss with an open mind, you can change your old pattern of thinking around from ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t want to’, to ‘I’m not alone and I can do this!’. That is the first step to achieving your goal.

If you have attempted diets before and could not succeed, you need to know what you might be doing and thinking incorrectly before you can expect to succeed. Here are a few of the most frequent diet personality flaws.


The ‘Quick Fix’ Mentality:

Having the quick fix mindset that you must get there quickly in order to succeed. You may believe that you have to lose a significant amount of weight in a hurry. You need to do it all perfectly, and precisely. This often results in weight loss derailment. Attitude Adjustment: The “it’s a process” mindset can be far more useful to an individual’s weight loss program. Your weight didn’t go on in a day, nor will your weight come off in a day. At Herbal One we’ll teach you how to relax and enjoy the journey.


The ‘I Do Not Need To Exercise’ Mentality:

Most people who are overweight don’t have the energy to exercise let alone the desire. They’ve tried exercising and/or going to the gym and have found it to be too hard or exhausting. Attitude Adjustment: With the Herbal One program, you don’t have to exercise. However, by making simple gentle activities a part of your life like getting off the couch and going for a walk or playing with your kids you’ll accelerate your weight loss. Being physically active assists moderate hunger, boredom and as well helps people stick with their program. As you lose more weight your energy level will continue to rise and you’ll want to do more. All the while your weight will continue to lower. It’s a great positive spiral to be in!


The Biggest Loser Mentality:

These are the Individuals who think that they’ll get a good ‘jump start’ to their program by overdoing it and max out every movement to the point of physical exhaustion. We all know how short sighted that can be. Especially by the pain it causes the next day. This type of thinking is just as detrimental to weight loss efforts. These weight loss enthusiasts limit their calorie intake to the extreme and then over-exercise totally depleting their physical and mental being. Attitude Adjustment: You must strike a good balance between physical activity and nutrition including taking the right Herbal One supplements to augment both.


The Emotional Eater Mentality:

This type of individual would rather eat than deal with their feelings. As a society we are taught to not show our feelings. Hiding our feeling can be dangerous and will often times lead to substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol are not the only substances that people abuse. Food can be and is being abused by many who are overweight. Those with emotional issues will often take solace in overeating because they think that they’re always hungry. Attitude Adjustment: Understand your feelings and know how to differentiate them from hunger. Once you can identify the cause of your ‘hunger’, ie. being angry, sad, or even happy; what you thought was ‘hunger’ is now something different. It’s just emotion. Recognize it and you will no longer need food to feel better. Your Herbal One counselor is always there to help you through your emotional weight loss rollercoaster.


The ‘I’m Just Hungry All the Time’ Mentality:

Emotions aside, in some cases people just love to eat, and they honestly believe that they are always hungry. They want larger portions at meal time and want lots of snacks in between. They fear the ‘pain’ of hunger. This fear gives them the belief that a weight loss program will deprive them of the food that they feel they need to avoid the pain. Attitude Adjustment: At Herbal One, the individual who constantly feels really hungry is taught how to fill up on foods that are not as caloric, and contain more water in them. Having a salad prior to dinner, eating more fruits and vegetables, and various other foods containing a higher fiber content are suggested in order to remain fuller for a longer time. When followed properly, our programs leave clients satisfied and seldom, if ever, feeling hungry.


The ‘I Don’t Have Time To Follow a Weight loss Program’ Mentality:

People think that they have to take too much time to ‘weight’ all of their food or ‘measure out portions’ that they don’t understand before they can sit down to eat. It’s just too cumbersome. Grabbing a burger and fries is fast and easy. Attitude Adjustment: The little extra time that it takes to prepare or select a meal that has the right amount of protein, starch, fats and sugars will go a long way to reducing your weight. The Herbal One program is easy to follow. Meals can be quick to prepare and will keep your weight loss on the fast track to success. And if you can’t prepare your own, we’ll show you the best choices to make when dining out.

Bad Attitude Bunch: What’s Your Line?

Do any of these ‘voice of reasons’ sound familiar to you? If you identify yourself in any one of them, contact your closest Herbal One centre or simply drop in. Let’s work together in taking control of your weight and showing these personalities with BAD attitudes who’s BOSS!