Chocolate Protein Packet Hot

Get Your Protein While It’s Hot

You never enjoyed so much flavour and nutrition in a single hot drink before. Our Protein Pack Hot drink mix combines fat-burning protein, a long list of potent vitamins and minerals, into a variety of tempting flavours so you can actually enjoy a hot drink that’s great for your overall health and helps you lose weight too.


15g of protein.

Protein Convenience
When you’re busy or on the go, it’s tempting to choose other hot drinks when you feel like a boost. Low-carb Protein Packets go anywhere you go, in a convenient, sealed package. All you have to do is add hot water for a flavorful and healthful hot drink.

  • Get a serving of protein from each packet
  • Use them to get a quick boost of energy
  • Have one in place of breakfast

Pick a Flavour
Try any flavour (like protein hot chocolate!) to increase your daily dietary protein and drink to your health!

Coming Soon.