Ultra Calcium +

Helps Your Body Absorb More Calcium

Calcium is proven to aid in the development and health of your teeth and bones. But calcium absorption rates can vary widely between supplements. You can get more calcium from a supplement with a higher absorption rate versus a similar one with a lower rate. The formulation in Ultra Calcium + exhibits an exceptionally high absorption rate of 49.5% (versus others that can be as low as 5%).


Coral Calcium
In addition to the better-known benefits of calcium, coral calcium can also promote weight loss by lowering high blood pressure and increasing your metabolism to burn more calories.

A natural seaweed-derived, multi-mineral calcium supplement, aquamin helps increase calcium absorption while delivering a host of other beneficial minerals and nutrients including magnesium, boron, zinc and 21 essential nutrients.

More Calcium + Benefits
Calcium is essential for everyone’s overall health. In addition to teeth and bone health, it also helps stabilize cholesterol levels. Women of all ages, especially menopausal women, can maintain bone density and strength with Ultra Calcium +.

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