NPN #80028959

Ultra Lean

Safflower Power for Healthy Weight Loss

The patented formulation in Ultra Lean centred around conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), one of the most proven and effective weight loss supplements available. University-tested, it is also an excellent supplement for lean muscle development, which helps you burn more calories, regardless of your activity levels which is why we like to refer to our Ultra Lean as ‘exercise in a bottle’. It not only helps with reducing inches, but also helps define your body by improving body composition


Clarinol Brand Safflower Oil (CLA)
A natural source of CLA, safflower oil is known for a number of beneficial effects on your weight loss and overall health.

Lowers Body Fat Content
Studies show that CLA acts as an inhibitor to the genes that store fat and produce fat cells.

Stimulates the Immune System
CLA’s anti-inflammatory characteristics help to relieve the stress that inflammation can place on your immune system.

A Natural Antioxidant
CLA neutralizes the harmful free radicals produced by oxidation in your body.

More Ultra Lean Benefits
Among the other health benefits linked to the CLA in Ultra Lean, it’s been shown to inhibit tumour growth in the liver.

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