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Herbal One weight loss clinic in Kamloops (Landsdown Village), British Columbia provides weight loss programs and products to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off. Herbal One is a Canadian weight loss and nutrition company backed by 30 years of weight management expertise and sound nutritional knowledge. Herbal One weight management centre clients, collectively, have lost thousands upon thousands of pounds.

At Herbal One Kamloops, we work very hard to provide Canadian formulated and Canadian produced products that conform to Health Canada’s stringent regulations. Our natural product line has the potency necessary to produce the results clients are looking for – safely. Herbal One’s potent herbal products combined with our powerful and effective weight loss programs based on ordinary grocery store-bought foods can produce lifelong results. Get your personalized weight loss program for results that will last today!



“My name is Beth. I am the Herbal One Franchisee for Kamloops, BC. I have over 15 years of experience in the weight loss industry and I am passionate about helping clients to improve their health and achieve their weight loss goals.

I take pride in my chosen career as a Personal Weight Loss Coach. I feel that it is my duty to help clients maintain momentum and motivation throughout their weight management programs and I take this responsibility very seriously. Our clients visit our centre regularly and our team focuses on building esteem and celebrating successes during each visit.

I am confident that I can help you achieve your goal weight because I understand the journey and all of the emotional ups and downs that accompany it. I have successfully managed my weight throughout two pregnancies and each time I have bounced back lower than my pre-pregnancy weight.

I can help you achieve the healthy body weight that you have always dreamed of without feeling like you are dieting or depriving yourself. I will personalize a healthy dietary plan to meet your specific needs accommodating your busy work schedule and/or family lifestyle. Call me at 372-8400 to book your FREE consultation. I can’t wait to meet you!”

Herbal One Personal Coach
Kamloops, BC

My name is Jaqueline and I am the new coach at Herbal One Kamloops. One of my greatest strengths as a coach is my own personal weight loss journey. I joined Herbal One Kamloops in July 2018 and I have lost 76 pounds and 85 inches over the past 11 months. I have experienced the program from a client’s perspective and that has given me so much insight to draw on as a coach at Herbal One. I am ecstatic with my results and I cannot wait to help others achieve success with their own weight loss efforts.

One of the most significant changes I have noticed throughout my journey goes beyond the physical transformation. I have lost weight before only to slide back into old habits and put it back on. To be honest, before discovering Herbal One I tried so many different programs. However, I realized that I was only fixing the outside during previous weight loss attempts. It became clear throughout my journey with Herbal One that I needed to look inwards and work on positive self-talk and body confidence. It has been such an empowering experience to learn to accept and embrace my body and I am so proud of my newfound confidence. I now understand the importance of positive self-talk and I am looking forward to helping others reach their potential by focusing on inner dialogue.

Many people ask about the “secret to my success” and I always provide the same answer. I track my food choices in my food diary, plan ahead and prep healthy meals, and prioritize water intake. It’s that simple! Instead of battling cravings and following a restrictive menu I listen to my cravings and experiment with healthy alternatives. This way I don’t feel as though I am denying myself. Throughout my program I have accumulated a wealth of recipes and kitchen hacks and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with all of you.

I have so many ideas and I’m looking forward to helping clients to embrace the Herbal One lifestyle and achieve long term success. I did it and so can you. If you are just beginning your weight loss journey or working on your last stubborn pounds I urge you to reach out to me. I promise that you won’t regret it!


My name is Tara Clough and I have been selected as the Herbal One Brand Ambassador for Kamloops, BC. I won a Weight Management Sponsorship and I will be shedding 145lbs with Herbal One and documenting my journey along the way. I hope to inspire others while changing my life for the better. If I can do it, so can you!

I have been overweight for over 20 years. Truthfully, it wasn’t until the past 5 years that my weight really started to bother me, I felt so overwhelmed at the mere mention of weight loss that I usually gave up before I even began. Like most people, I gravitated towards fad diets and extreme weight loss approaches. I couldn’t stick to them either because of the unrealistic diet restrictions or the negative side effects that left me feeling lethargic, dizzy and generally unwell.

I was attracted to Herbal One because the program is lifestyle-based. This means that I am encouraged to eat from all food groups while practicing portion control. The fact that there are no “forbidden” foods will help me to adjust to program while learning to enjoy treats in moderation. I know that I need somebody to hold me accountable so the coaching sessions and daily weigh-ins at the centre will be a very important tool for me. I am excited to gain a nutritional education from my Herbal One program. I enjoy cooking and now I can experiment with healthy recipes that taste great but also fuel my body.

My first mini goal is to lose 40lbs. At that time, I plan to purge my closet! It will feel so good to start getting rid of clothes that are too BIG! But, more importantly, I am excited to pull out clothing that has been shoved to the back as it currently does not fit me. Truthfully, I have clothes that I bought too small with the intention to lose weight but I never followed through with healthy efforts. I cannot wait to go “shopping” in my own closet and not be governed by loose-fitting styles or stretchy fabric. When I reach my goal weight I plan on buying a Little Black Dress to show off my new shape.

I am so excited to be taking this leap. I’m tired of my weight holding me back in life. I don’t want to shy away from social events or postpone holidays because of my weight. I am ready to take control of my health and I am so excited to see how my journey unfolds. Quite simply, “I want to be the person my dog thinks I am”.

Week 4

I am excited to announce my progress over the past 4 weeks. I have lost 18 pounds and 25 inches so far. Truthfully, I was hoping to lose 20 pounds by now and I have to remind myself that I need to be realistic about my goals and celebrate my progress.

Over the past month, I have learned the importance of non-scale victories and instead of obsessing over the scale I’m trying to focus on the many benefits of my weight loss. For example, I no longer cringe at the thought of putting on jeans straight out of the dryer and my bras are fitting much more comfortably. I have noticed an improvement in my energy levels and an overall sense of well-being. Instead of feeling drained after work, and retreating to my couch, I have noticed that I’m much more productive. I have even begun an exercise program! Like most people, I tend to be my biggest critic so receiving positive feedback and compliments from friends and family has given me a much-needed confidence boost.

Many people have inquired about my Herbal One experience so I am going to describe a typical centre visit to shed some light on my program responsibilities. I visit the centre 3-6 days per week. This schedule changes depending on how much support and accountability that I feel I need. I weigh-in each visit and have measurements taken once per week. More importantly, I bring my food diary for review and my coaches provide me with feedback to help with meal creativity or to adjust my balance of food groups. We discuss any challenges that I’m facing and any emotional upsets along the way. Surprisingly, I actually look forward to my visits rather than dreading weigh-ins. I think the structure and accountablity of my centre visits helps keep me on track and focused on my goals.

My husband and I enjoy weekly date nights and this used to consist of drinks, appetizers, decadent entrees, and dessert. It was a perfect excuse to splurge on calories and indulge cravings. We still enjoy our date nights but instead of dining out I have been preparing healthy (but delicious!) meals at home since beginning my Herbal One program. Needless to say, we are saving money by not dining out as often as we used to. I love to cook and I am happier preparing meals at home that taste indulgent but fit within my program guidelines.

Since beginning my journey with Herbal One, I have learned that you can still enjoy life while losing weight. My food program allows for alcohol as well as treats in moderation so I honestly don’t feel deprived. My coaches always have useful tips for healthy alternatives and I love the recipes on the Herbal One Kamloops Facebook page.

“Tara’s Tips”

– Stock up on 100-calorie snacks so that you always have a variety to choose from that are perfectly portioned.
– Dedicate time for meal prep every week. By planning meals ahead I’m less likely to reach for convenience foods or deviate from my food program.
– Invest in a cool bottle to encourage water intake and bring it with you everywhere.

Week 8

“I have been the Herbal One Kamloops Brand Ambassador for 8 weeks now and I have lost 31.4 pounds and 33 inches. To be honest, I haven’t really experienced any challenges since joining Herbal One. I don’t feel deprived because I love the foods included on program, and I truly look forward to my weigh-ins and meeting with my coaches.

I guess the hardest part for me has been all of the food that I need to eat on program. I never imagined that a weight loss plan could involve eating so much because I always thought that I had to cut out or restrict calories to see results. My Herbal One program includes a treat EVERY SINGLE DAY! That’s right….I enjoy salty snacks, ice cream treats, chocolate, and wine while still losing weight. There is something for every craving included in my food program so I don’t feel tempted by “forbidden foods”. One of my favorite snacks is the Herbal One Butter Pecan protein bar. It’s guilt-free and tastes absolutely sinful. Honestly, I haven’t fallen off my program because I haven’t needed to. Instead I treat myself daily and I have learned not to binge on snack foods. My cravings no longer control me because I don’t’ have to deny them.

The weather has recently turned and spring has arrived! For the first time in years I am actually looking forward to summer and wardrobe selections that I have avoided in the past. I actually put on a pair of shorts the other day and I wasn’t self-conscious about my legs. Furthermore, I have an upcoming event this summer that I was really nervous about attending. I will be running into people that I have not seen in years and I was very worried about my weight. Prior to beginning my Herbal One journey I was dreading this event. I was stressed about shopping for an outfit, having my picture taken, and I was worried about what people might think of my appearance. Not anymore!! I still have several months to continue to lose weight and I am now looking forward to attending events with confidence and enjoying time with my friends and family.

Aside from fitting into smaller clothing and feeling more confident I am really happy about the health benefits that I’ve noticed. I am now exercising regularly and have found a sense of well-being and vibrancy that was lacking prior to changing my eating habits. My knee has bothered me for years and I was facing the possibility of a knee-replacement surgery. I am hopeful that I will no longer need to take such drastic measures now that I am losing weight and feeling relief.

If you are following my blog and considering beginning your own weight loss journey, I want you to take that leap! I wasted too many years thinking about losing weight and/or feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Quite simply, it was easier to stay overweight than to make the necessary changes to my daily routine. I tried so many crash diets that always left me feeling tired, sick, and unmotivated. Herbal One has truly opened my eyes to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle rather than gimmicks and unrealistic habits. If you’ve tried everything please don’t give up! Instead, I want you to pick yourself up and try again. But this time I want you to focus on positive self-talk, nutritious foods, and a strong support system.

One of the reasons that I have been so successful with my own efforts has been because of you! The encouragement that I receive from my coaches, my community, and fellow clients has helped hold me accountable and driven. As a role model, I feel that it’s my responsibility to stick to program and lead the way. I have chosen to share my story because I want to give hope to those people that are putting off taking control of their health and happiness. I don’t want fear or excuses to hold anybody back! Losing weight isn’t as hard as you think it will be, especially with the right plan and support. Join me!”

Week 12

I am a little late at posting my 12-Week update because I really wanted to wait until I hit my 40lb milestone. Sound the alarm, pop the champagne (or sparkling water lol), and jump up and down, because I DID IT!! I have lost 41.4 lbs and 45.5” in 13 Weeks with Herbal One.

I’m going to keep this update short and sweet because I hope that you are all following my weekly video entries on www.facebook.com/herbalonekamloops. However, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite weight loss tips.
I recommend incorporating as much variety as possible to prevent boredom. The recipes on the Herbal One Kamloops Facebook page are all very simple and taste great. Also, one trick that has worked well for me is wearing clothing that is a little bit too small for me when I’m at home. It’s a great reminder that, although I’m ecstatic with my progress, I’m not where I want to be yet. This helps keep me honest and less tempted by foods or drinks that will sabotage my efforts.

Instead of focusing on losing 145lbs I am breaking it down into manageable, short-term goals. Now that I have surpassed my first milestone of 40lbs, and treated myself to a shopping spree, I am looking ahead to my next milestone of 70lbs. This will be nearly halfway to my ultimate goal and I am going to have to brainstorm how I am going to celebrate this achievement. It still feels so surreal. I feel so good now I can’t even imagine how I will feel as my weight loss continues.

Week 16

“I have lost 51.4 pounds and 56.5 inches in 16 weeks with Herbal One. I love how versatile my program is and how many recipes are compatible with my daily menu. I’m able to easily calculate portions and experiment with different recipes. This has helped prevent boredom and has really opened my eyes to the “lifestyle vs diet” principle of the Herbal One program. My social schedule has increased with the summer months but I have been able to stick to my healthy habits more often than not. Although I have allowed myself to indulge from time to time, I have noticed that food no longer controls me. I decide when and what I eat and I don’t feel guilty when I incorporate treats. I’m looking forward to reaching my 60 lb milestone and I’m so thankful that I took this leap of faith and chose the Herbal One program.”

Week 20

“I have lost 55.4 lbs and 62” in 20 weeks with Herbal One. Apparently I am almost 2 months ahead of schedule. Yay! One of the most significant lifestyle changes for me has been not eating out nearly as much as we used to. This has been an adjustment for my husband and I because dining out used to be a regular occurrence for us. Although a part of me misses our meals out I realize that the enjoyment from a restaurant meal is short-lived and not worth slowing my progress. The satisfaction I have when I look in the mirror is so much better than the temporary high any cheat meal could provide. If you are considering losing weight, I suggest finding a program that you enjoy and incorporating as many of your favorite meals as possible. I prepare foods that I enjoy so that I don’t feel deprived or feel tempted to stray from my plan. If you don’t enjoy your menu than you are less likely to stick with your resolve to lose weight. Don’t fall into the trap of quick fixes or extreme measures. It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think it will be. Just begin!”

Week 24

“I have lost 63 lbs and 67” in 24 weeks with Herbal One. I can’t believe that I’m almost halfway to my ultimate goal. I recently underwent gallbladder surgery and I’m so grateful that I made healthy lifestyle changes when I did because it made my recovery so much easier. I am also proud of myself for not allowing my surgery to derail my healthy efforts. I prepped meals in advance and planned ahead with my coaching team so that I didn’t slip into old habits and undo my progress during my recovery. I’m now back on track with my dietary program and supplement regime 100% and I feel better than ever. Throughout this process, I have learned to always investigate healthy options rather than caving into cravings. For example, I have found a lot of diabetic friendly candies and recipes that taste great and help keep me satisfied without sabotaging my efforts. I have been rewarding myself with new clothing throughout my journey so now I have to come up with a new reward for when I hit 70lbs. Thank you for following #MyHerbalOneJourney.”

Week 32

“I have lost 75 pounds and 77 1/2 inches in 32 weeks with Herbal One. I am six weeks ahead of schedule and I am on track for losing 100 lbs by Christmas.

I recently celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and I can’t believe it but I actually lost weight over the holiday weekend. My sister is also following Herbal One and I think that really helped me stay on program. It is so much easier to stick to healthy eating habits when you aren’t the only one in the room being mindful of food selections and portions. As some of you may know, I love to bake and I didn’t want to deny myself this pleasure over the holidays. However, I also didn’t want to sabotage my efforts so I decided to bake for my parents instead. I made sure that I didn’t make any of my favorites though because I didn’t want to tempt myself.

My husband has also been eating much healthier since I began my journey with Herbal One and he has lost weight as a result. My family all commented on his healthier appearance and I think that made him feel really good. He’s considering joining Herbal One as well so hopefully those compliments will encourage him to jump on board with me. I know it will help me stay on track if he joins Herbal One. I tend to be very competitive so I know it will give me extra motivation to keep working on my goals.

I am so grateful that I was chosen to be the Herbal One Brand Ambassador for Herbal One Kamloops. It has quite simply changed my life! I no longer shy away from family events, picnics, or celebrations because I’m worried about what chairs are set out or what to wear or what people will think etc. If you are reading this because you want to lose weight, I urge you to take control of your self esteem and open the door of Herbal One in Lansdowne Village…just do what I did and do it!!”

Now One Year Later.

I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary with Herbal One Kamloops. I have lost 78 pounds and 80 inches to date! Although a part of me is frustrated that I didn’t hit my 100 lb milestone yet, I know why my progress stalled. Admittedly, I really struggled over the holiday season and I fell off track with my healthy habits.
The winter months proved to be extremely difficult and I now realize how easy it is to become complacent with efforts and cave to social pressure. It turns out that liquid calories add up just as quickly as poor food choices and, unfortunately, I slipped back into some old habits. Luckily I was able to prevent weight gain by increasing my activity level and I am proud to say that I now exercise on a regular basis. However, this goes to show that if you do not compliment exercise with proper nutrition it’s unlikely that you will notice weight loss results.
Recovering from gallbladder surgery also posed a challenge as I had to completely revamp my food program. I noticed that I was having a lot of digestive upset since having my gallbladder removed. It seems that I now have a hard time digesting animal protein. I am now experimenting with plant-based proteins, which has helped relieve my abdominal pain and bloating. I am so grateful that I have an entire team of coaches at my disposal to help guide me through this lifestyle change. I never imagined myself following a vegetarian lifestyle but it has reignited my creativity in the kitchen. I am now introducing foods that I avoided in the past and, to my surprise, I love my new diet.
I have recently set a new goal for myself to lose 25 lbs by June 1st and I can’t wait to join the “100 lb club”. Thank you for following #MyHerbalOneJourney. I look forward to continuing my story and, as always, I appreciate your support and encouragement.