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I am the Franchise owner of the Herbal One Kelowna Location. I have worked in the health and wellness field for over 14 years. Herbal One has been in business since 1999 and is 100% Canadian and not affiliated to any other weight loss company. Our program is based on your own grocery bought food so the whole family can eat with you, no separate cooking. You meet with the personal Health counsellors that help educate, motivate, celebrate, encourage and support you when the going gets tough. Our exclusive line of natural products will help you efficiently metabolize fats, carbohydrates and protein as well as help you with cravings and appetite control.

I have maintained my 28 pound loss now since 2004! Before I worked in weight loss and nutrition I had worked in the hospitality industry for 13 years and eating out almost daily was my life. I worked late, ate late, ordering in, grabbing on the fly or eating once or twice a day was my routine. I know how hard it is when you are busy and on the run, “Grab & Go” whatever is easiest and fastest!

I also knew how to lose weight. I was amazing at losing it, a “Real Pro”! I was a “Yoyo Dieter”. Every January I would go on some weight loss plan, lose my 30 pounds in 3 months to look fabulous for the summer – then back to my bad habits and old routine in the fall. This cycle repeated itself for over 10 years, until I was educated and took the time to learn about balance and portions – how to eat and what to eat. It was an eye opener to have someone teach me and walk me through it along the way, to keep me motivated, and to be accountable. It gives me such joy now to help others and to teach the lifestyle change that will make their weight loss efforts long term!

I am confident that I can help you achieve your goal weight because I understand the journey and all of the emotional ups and downs that accompany it. I can help you achieve a healthy body weight and learn how to keep the weight off permanently, without feeling like you are dieting or depriving yourself.

Call me at 250-979-1200 to book your FREE consultation!”

Sincerely Kym Campbell Hanson

Your Personal Health Counsellor.

Speakers Series hosted at Herbal One Kelowna.
Come and learn! Free 1 hour talks .
Please call with any questions
Kym- Owner/ Operator of Herbal One Kelowna
250-979-1200 or [email protected]

Check out Janna, one of our remote clients!

Just because you don't live near the centre doesn't mean you can't do the program! Kym & Connie from @herbalonekelowna have helped hundreds of people change their lives and a good percentage of those people don't even live in Kelowna, like me 🙋‍♀️ What are you waiting for? Monday has already come and gone, let's make Tuesdays the new Monday 😉 #StartNow #PrioritizeYourself #LookGoodFeelGood #HerbalOneKelownaRemoteAmbassadorHerbal One Kelowna

Posted by Janna Burford on Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Weight Loss Kelowna

Herbal One weight loss clinic in Kelowna, British Columbia provides weight loss programs and products to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off. Herbal One is a Canadian weight loss and nutrition company backed by 30 years of weight management expertise and sound nutritional knowledge. Herbal One weight management centre clients, collectively, have lost thousands upon thousands of pounds.

At Herbal One Kelowna, we work very hard to provide Canadian formulated and Canadian produced products that conform to Health Canada’s stringent regulations. Our natural product line has the potency necessary to produce the results clients are looking for – safely. Herbal One’s potent herbal products combined with our powerful and effective weight loss programs based on ordinary grocery store-bought foods can produce lifelong results. Get your personalized weight loss program for results that will last.

You don’t have to be on the program to pick up  of our products (except for our Member privileged Ultra Thin One’s). We also offer convenient, effective home programs that will get you to your weight loss goals. Get started now and lose the weight you need and look great in time for summer!

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