Why You Should Ignore Weight Loss Headlines Like These

Posted: November 4, 2019 in Weight Loss
weight loss headlines you should ignore

Looking for a sure-fire way to stimulate weight loss? Read all the articles and blog posts that are published every day that tell you how to lose weight. You won’t have time to sleep, much less eat.

There’s so much weight loss advice, tips and tricks coming at you at ever-increasing speeds that you need to find ways to filter out the sensational from the beneficial. It’s impossible to avoid all the time-wasters, but here’s a way to steer clear of the most blatantly false promises. 

Avoid Weight-Loss Headlines Like These

The headline on a story is all you have to determine if the content is worthwhile. Story writers know this, and they also stand to get lots of money from advertisers if they can get you to click on their headlines. So they write some pretty amazing headlines.

Headlines that are written with the main purpose to get you to click on them are called “clickbait”. Look for click-baity headlines like these to help you spot what weight-loss stories to avoid.

  1. “7 Foods That Will Make Your Belly Fat Disappear” – Fabulous! All you have to do is eat the foods listed in this article and all your belly fat will dissolve into thin air! Back to reality, while many of the foods listed in articles like these are very healthy, and their fibre, vitamins and nutrition can help you healthily lose weight, there is no food or foods that can make weight disappear from any part of your body. In these sorts of articles, the link to how the foods make belly fat disappear is always tenuous. Something like “omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help make you feel full, so you eat less, so you lose weight, oh, and some of the weight you lose will be from your belly”.

  2. “How to Lose Weight Eating Less Than 20 Carbs a Day” – Two problems here. First, the headline doesn’t make sense. A carbohydrate is a sugar, starch or fibre found in many foods. It turns out they mean “20 Grams of Carbs a Day”. Second, the best balance for your particular diet depends on your particular nutritional needs, body type, health condition, weight loss goals, whether you’re a man or woman, etc., etc., etc.. Ignore anything that uses a set amount of food intake or nutritional mix that will help everyone lose weight.
  3. “Trying to Lose Weight? Here’s How Often You Should Try to Squeeze in Some Cardio” – If anyone’s reached a point where they feel they need to do something about their weight, they’re probably looking for ways to increase their physical activity, versus being in the midst of a formal exercise and worried about how often you should “squeeze in some cardio”.

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