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Herbal One International is a family run business that began in 1999 and has no affiliation with any other weight loss organization. It carries an experienced team of knowledgeable business professionals. Together, they have over 30 years of weight management expertise, with sound nutritional knowledge, and thorough business experience.

30 years of experience

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Growing Industry

Once considered a passing fad, the industry of weight loss and dietary supplements has become one of the largest growth industries in North America now reaching an estimated 60 billion dollars a year. As North Americans, we are becoming more aware of the health benefits that dietary supplements can provide by enhancing our nutritional intake. Depleted soil, genetically altered foods and general pollution have all contributed to foods that lack in nutritional values as compared to four decades ago making supplementation a necessity for completing a well-rounded diet.

Growing industry

The Opportunity

We are also beginning to understand that proper body weight is needed to achieve a more optimal level of good health. More than half of North America’s population is overweight, which means that over half of us are not in the optimum range for good health. This statistic is not limited to any specific cultural group or gender. All age groups are affected, including children and young adults.  It is a statistic that is growing and shows no immediate signs of diminishing.

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Most people in the overweight category do have a need and a desire to change their current state. This presents a tremendous opportunity for those wishing to become involved in the business of improving health through weight loss and weight management.  The Principals behind the Herbal One Weight Management Nutrition Centre concept are well aware of the opportunity that has been, and will continue to be, presented in this field.

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The Herbal One Way

Together with other well experienced key personnel, the Herbal One team have put together an exciting Distributorship program that will not only yield significant monetary returns, but will also be extremely rewarding for those who enjoy working closely with people who want to reshape and change their lives – specifically in the area of weight loss and weight management.


Depending on the desired territory and the size of a potential location,
the approximate $75,000 to $85,000 Distributorship investment includes:


A protected territory


Lease deposits and leasehold improvement costs


Full technical and operational training specific to the success of the business;


Opening inventory


General costs associated with opening a new business

We are here to help

Any internet business that is currently coming from an available area, automatically comes with the purchase of that specific and exclusive territory. This means immediate returns exist for the new territory even before the physical store-front is established. 

Once your decision and commitment is made to open a territory, the Herbal One team swings into a 5 step action plan to give the new Distributor all of the help and assistance necessary to open a new location as quickly as possible – usually 30 to 90 days.

This assistance includes:

Finding a store location

Help in locating and establishing an appropriate store-front location. Negotiation assistance is also given to obtain the best lease and term rate for the location.

Listing Information

Listing and scheduling all of the steps needed to complete lease hold improvements to the standards of an operational Herbal One Weight Management Nutrition Centre.

Education & Support

On-going support with respect to continued training, updated operational techniques, new program developments, new marketing/advertising materials and new product developments.

Professional Training

Provide full training for new Distributors and staff at our Head Office training facility and in-store once opened.

Advertising Guidance

Help in determining the best advertising medium to use in the territory and establishing the necessary contacts.

Your Business Starts Here

If you have the desire to make more of a life for you and your family, then take hold of the wonderful opportunity that exists in becoming an exclusive Herbal One Weight Management Centre owner/operator. Take advantage of all of the benefits that ownership in this extremely lucrative market of improving health through proper weight management can bring you. 

We’ll show you how to achieve success and build a strong, positive future on the solid foundation of a healthy, growing business. Click on the link below and complete the easy to fill in request form. Our response to your request will be quick so that you’ll have the information necessary to make the right decision to create an exciting new future for you and your family.

Join the Herbal One Distributorship Program

If you like what you have read and seen of our Company and are seriously thinking of becoming part of the lucrative Herbal One Distributorship program, we would like to hear from you. Take a minute for us to get acquainted with you by giving a little information on yourself. Please fill in this form and e-mail it to us. We’ll get back to you with all of the information necessary for you to make an informed decision to become part of our expansion plans for your area.

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