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Herbal One is not affiliated with any other weight loss company or organization. We are committed to a healthy approach in achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and optimal health.

The nutrition specialists at your local Herbal One Weight Management Nutrition Centre are ready with one-on-one advice and quality products to get you started right now.

  • Safe, healthy weight management that ensures you have the nutrition and energy you need for sustainable results
  • You are not alone on your weight loss journey. Nutrition Counsellors guide and support you at every step of the way.

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4 Easy Ways to Support Weight Loss & Improve Your Health

Posted: September 24 2020

Let’s be clear. These are not “easy ways to lose weight”. But, unless this is your first weight loss rodeo, you know by now that healthy sustained weight loss doesn’t come from any single action, like a calorie-cutting diet, or over-the-top gym program. There are tried and true ways to support weight loss that take time.  Instead, you will increase your chances of successful weight loss by making it a focus in as many different parts of your life as read more…

How Does Weight Loss Work?

Posted: September 15 2020

You might read the title of this post and wonder why we’d be asking a question that has such an obvious answer. It’s easy, you eat a lot less food, and/or exercise like crazy. Isn’t that how you lose weight? How does weight loss work anyway? Yes and no. The idea that you must eat fewer calories than you burn every day to lose weight is absolutely true. But, as simple as it sounds, it isn’t easy to put into read more…

Top 3 Trending Nutrition Myths

Posted: September 10 2020

There are two basic reasons why so many trending nutrition myths about weight loss and nutirition keep surfacing and resurfacing. First, many myths can seem to make a lot of sense. If you gain weight by adding too many calories, then cutting calories is a great way to lose weight, right? Wrong. Cutting calories for weight loss might produce some weight loss in the short-term, but it is not a healthy option for long-term results. In fact, there’s a good read more…

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