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Herbal One is not affiliated with any other weight loss company or organization. We are committed to a healthy approach in achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and optimal health.

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5 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Posted: December 05 2018

As the 2019 Holiday Season approaches, it’s not the hap-hap-happiest time of year for everyone. If weight management is a challenge for you, the holiday season can seem like sheer torture. Temptations are everywhere, including office parties, family gatherings and hanging with your friends. Get Strategic About Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain this Season First, nothing will make it easy to get through the holidays with your weight loss program intact. But by being more deliberate in your approach to holiday read more…

An Apple a Day Keeps the Weight Away

Posted: November 26 2018

The old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has been around on one form or another since the mid-1800’s. That means apple’s were well known to be particularly healthy over 150 years ago. And we are still discovering new health benefits of apple’s today. So “an apple a day…” is not just good advice, it keeps getting better all the time. 7 Ways Apples Help Your Health and Weight Loss Here are just a few reasons, new read more…

Why Training Your Brain is as Important as Any Other Weight Loss Training

Posted: November 22 2018

The words ‘training’ and ‘weight loss’ in the same sentence makes a lot of us roll our eyes. Yes, the combination of a healthy, balanced diet and more physical activity is a good way to manage your weight. You can see this for yourself if you count how many times you’ve tried to permanently lose weight on a fad diet and failed. More and more people understand that crash dieting doesn’t work, and real, sustained weight loss comes from more read more…

Successful weight loss is a combination of factors that are unique to YOU. https://t.co/dnSszSMAjB