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Why Sleep is so Important for Losing Weight & How to Get More of It – Part 2

Posted: February 27 2018

A good night’s sleep does a lot more than help you look your best and feel great. In Part 1 of Why Sleep is so Important for Losing Weight & How to Get More of It we told you about how a good night’s sleep actually helps you reduce the levels of fat in your body. And we pointed out that, in addition to losing all the advantages of a good night’s sleep, a lack of sleep can increase your feelings of hunger, decrease your feeling of being full and actually change how your fat cells store fat read more…

Why Sleep is so Important for Losing Weight & How to Get More of It – Part 1

Posted: February 26 2018

You know you need a good night’s sleep. In fact, you’ve probably developed a routine to help you relax before bed and prepare yourself to sleep well. You might do your stretches and yoga poses to get yourself tired, pour yourself a glass of wine, and slip into a nice, warm, relaxing bath. Wow, we’re getting sleepy just thinking about it. Except everything you just did can make it more difficult to fall asleep. But that’s no biggie, right? You’ll read more…

The Case for Slowing Down Your Eating to Help You Lose Weight

Posted: February 16 2018

While we’ve told you before that one of the main reasons why weight loss diets don’t work is the complex mechanisms in your body whose sole purpose is to keep you alive and everything running normally. Yet, as complex as all those internal systems are, they’re still just one of the reasons why it’s difficult to lose weight healthily and sustainably. Weight gain can be also triggered or made worse by any one or more of hundreds of external factors. read more…

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