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How to Eat More Healthy Comfort Food

Posted: February 12 2019

What is your idea of ‘comfort food’? For some, it might be a nice warm soup on a cold winter evening. For others, only an old standby, like mac and cheese, offers the flavours and familiarity they crave. And still others might consider anything they eat while they watch TV or read a book to be their comfort food. Regardless of what you think it to be, if you’re trying to manage your weight, you should make sure you only read more…

4 Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis

Posted: February 06 2019

Let’s start with the facts about osteoporosis. Approximately one-third of women and 20% of men will suffer some form of osteoporosis. It is a disease that causes a loss of bone mass, and/or prevents the body from replacing bone loss. The loss of bone strength and density increases the risk of suffering broken bones, including hip fractures, broken wrists and fractured spines. The fractures can happen due to falls, or, in the worst cases, just by getting bumped or sneezing. read more…

How Did Melissa McCarthy Lose Weight?

Posted: January 29 2019

If you’ve struggled with keeping your weight down, you probably cringe a little when you read yet another celebrity success story. But, if you’re a regular reader of the Herbal One blog, or you’re on a Herbal One diet plan , you’ll be very interested to know just how did  Melissa McCarthy lose weight. Melissa McCarthy’s Weightloss Journey Why do we think you’ll be interested in Melissa McCarthy’s experience with her weight? Because it reflects what many of us go through every day. And her road to read more…

Do you feel like your attempts at living a healthier lifestyle are more of an uphill battle than an enjoyable journ… https://t.co/VwnZmZpfoK