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Herbal One is not affiliated with any other weight loss company or organization. We are committed to a healthy approach in achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and optimal health.

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What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar?

Posted: June 05 2019

Before we get into what happens to your body when you stop eating sugar, we need to understand some facts. You can’t cut out sugar from your diet entirely. The natural sugars in fruits, vegetables, grains and other foods give your body energy. So when we say “stop eating sugar”, we’re talking about the refined sugar in the processed foods you eat, or in the soft drinks and juices you drink, or that you put into your tea and coffee.  read more…

Foods To Avoid With Gallbladder Pain

Posted: May 29 2019

So when’s the last time you thought about your gallbladder? We’re going to place our money on “can’t remember” as the answer. There are a couple of reasons why you don’t think of your gallbladder like you do other organs including your stomach, heart, lungs and kidneys. Gallbladders cause problems in only a small minority of people, and they are not essential to your life. If you are unlucky enough to suffer gallbladder pain, it is highly likely due to read more…

How To Stop Sugar Cravings With Nutritional Supplements

Posted: May 22 2019

There’s no arguing. You have a sweet tooth. Actually, maybe it’s more like you crave sugar, right? Or shall we just come right out and say it? You have a sugar addiction. Still, you also know that when you eat sugar in large quantities it can lead to weight gain and trouble balancing blood sugar levels, and that’s just for starters. But you can’t stop the cravings! If only you knew a quick way to stop sugar cravings, like with read more…

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