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Weight Loss & Nutritional Programs

How It Works

If you’re here to find a way to successfully lose weight and keep it off, this is probably not the first time you’ve tried.

You might have used off-the-shelf products from the pharmacy. You may have followed the promise of a strict diet for “fast weight loss results”. Perhaps you spent money on a ‘professional’ weight loss program that guaranteed results.

Regardless of the weight loss methods you’ve attempted, one thing is true: the experience and results probably weren’t what you expected.

  • Store-bought products didn’t produce any real results
  • Weight loss diets left you hungry and tired
  • If you managed to lose any weight, you likely put it all back on again, and maybe more

So who can blame you for wondering if a Herbal One program will work?

After trying several other programs and diets, Herbal One helped me to lose the weight that I had been carrying around for so many years.

Amanda lost 65 lbs and 70 inches!

“From the moment I walked in the doors I was make to feel very welcome.

Colin lost 81.5 lbs and 85 inches in 6 months!

“When the doctor told me it was either lose weight or go on insulin, I made the decision to get my life back!

David lost 104 pounds!

The Herbal One Difference

The first difference is we’ve been down the weight loss road too. We understand the frustration of not being able to lose weight; of thinking that losing weight just isn’t in the cards for you; of suffering the pain of failure over and over again.

So we decided to do something about it.

The first step was to understand that losing weight isn’t a one-time event, but an ongoing journey dedicated to a healthier lifestyle lived at a healthier weight.

Then we created a three-tiered approach that eliminates the factors that have stood between you and healthy, sustained weight loss.


Tailored Weight Management Programs


A Complete Selection of Herbal Supplements for Health, Nutrition and Weight Management

Expert Nutritional

Nutrition Counsellors - One-on-One Support, Guidance & Motivation

Tailored Weight Management Programs

You are unique. You have unique needs for your mental and physical health and wellbeing. And you need a unique approach to losing weight. Your Herbal One Weight Management Program is customized to your personal needs based on your health history.

Your program is built on a balanced diet of good food. Foods that you can get at the average grocery store. It’s an abundant choice of foods that not only keep you satisfied, but will help you avoid “food boredom” that you get from many weight loss diets.

As an essential part of your program, top quality weight management herbal supplements work in conjunction with your healthy, balanced diet. They work to trigger your weight loss, help to keep it on track through the ups and downs, and they maintain your desired weight levels after you get there.


A Complete Selection of Herbal Supplements for Health, Nutrition and Weight Management

Our complete line of safe and healthy herbal supplements is developed by our in-house nutritionist. Based on your health history, your Herbal One nutrition counselor helps you select the right combination of supplements, in the right quantities, specifically for your personal weight management program.

Each product meets Health Canada’s rigorous regulations for Natural Health Products, so you can rest assured of its quality and Potency. The product line is specifically designed to offer a solution for any and every weight loss issue you might face.

Whether you need to naturally curb your appetite and increase your metabolism; or get your digestive system running smoothly and improve your nutrient absorption; or manage stress and anxiety; there are safe and effective Herbal One supplements to help you do it.


Nutrition Counsellors - One-on-One Support, Guidance & Motivation

Losing weight is often a lonely pursuit. With the fear of failure always on your mind, you don’t want anyone else to know. But, especially when the going gets tough, compassionate, reassuring support can be the deciding factor in staying on track.

From the moment you call or visit Herbal One, a fully trained, qualified and experienced nutritional counsellor works with you, one-on-one.


Guides you through the process


Creates your personal weight management program


Recommends the right foods and supplements for your goals


Closely monitors your progress to keep you on track


Listens to your challenges and helps you beat them


What will my program cost?

It’s always one of the first questions we get, so we thought we’d answer as best we can here. Because every one of our Programs is tailor-made for each client, we cannot say what the investment in your weight loss will be.

Learn more about costs

Speak to a nutrition counsellor at your nearest location. It doesn’t cost you anything and there is no obligation or pressure to purchase or join any programs.

Get your free consultation today

Ready to start

Steps to Weight Management Success

Your program is unique to you. To learn more about starting your journey, including how it works and the costs involved, follow these steps.


Call us

Call your local Herbal One Centre. Find a location near you.


Book an Appointment

Make an appointment to come into one of our centres for an initial no-obligation Free One-on-One Consultation.


Get Your Custom Plan

With the help of your counselor, determine the customized program that best suits you.


Get Started

Sign up for and begin your personalized weight loss program.


Stay on Track

Follow and track your program using the Herbal One Program and Diary booklets and make regular visits to your centre to check your progress.

Shannon lost 25 lbs!

Tanya lost 28 1/2 lbs and 29 inches!

Steve lost 65 lbs and ove 51 inches

Virtual Weight Loss Programs

If you don’t live near a Herbal One Centre, or you appreciate getting all the benefits of a customized Weight Loss Program and the guidance of a nutrition counsellor in the convenience of your own home, join our new online program!

Learn More About Our Online Weight Loss Programs

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