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Herbal One is a family-owned Canadian company with
over 30 years of weight management expertise.


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How it Works

Here’s how you can take advantage of our Virtual Weight Loss Programs to help you safely lose weight and keep it off, all from the comfort of home!

Join the program!

When you join the program, you will get to work with a Personal Weight Loss Coach, who will be available to you via phone, text, Facebook Messenger, or email - the choice is yours. A trained nutrition counsellor, your coach listens to your story, your medical history, your goals for weight loss and answers all your questions. Your Coach is there for you throughout your weight loss journey.

Get Your Custom Plan

Your coach creates a personalized weight loss plan to meet your goals, your lifestyle and your timetable for weight loss. Your plan includes healthy dietary recommendations for foods you get at regular grocery stores. You also get a weight loss supplements plan that is designed to support healthy weight loss, with our exclusive line of natural supplements. And your herbal supplements can be delivered to your door!

Stay on Track for Success

Many weight loss programs have started, but only a few continue for long-term results. Your Weight Loss Coach connects with you at least weekly to monitor your progress, provide dietary feedback, discuss weight loss obstacles and plan ahead for any challenges. The combination of your coach, a healthy, balanced diet, and safe, effective, natural supplements are your key to weight loss success.


What You Get From a Virtual Weight Loss Program

You’ve probably been down the weight loss road before. It's filled with empty promises, false expectations and ruined results. So what makes Herbal One’s Virtual Weight Loss Program any different?

The Comfort & Convenience of Home

Maybe you don’t live near a Herbal One Centre. Maybe you can’t always get out of the house. Maybe visiting a weight loss clinic triggers your anxiety. In any case, a Virtual Weight Loss Program gives you access to professional weight loss advice and recommendations, top quality nutritional supplements to support your weight loss and an effective weight management plan designed just for you, all in the cozy comfort of home.


Your Personal Plan for Weight Loss Success

There’s no one else like you. You’re a one and only. So you need a one-and-only weight loss program designed just for your needs, lifestyle and goals. But, even with a tailor-made program, how do make it happen, stick to it and not give in to the temptation of the chip bag? That’s another way that having a Personal Coach can help. Your Coach is your go-to partner in your weight-loss journey. This isn’t just a personal weight loss plan, it’s a personal plan for success!



Take the Guessing Game Out of Weight Loss

Even if you decided to lose weight on your own at home, how do you know you’re doing the right thing for your body and personal needs? Something that you read online might not work for you. With access to your Personal Weight Loss Coach, someone you can get to know and trust, and someone who knows you, you can rest assured that your personal plan is the way. And if you ever have a question, hear about something that might work, or just wanted some reassurance, your Personal Coach is there for you.


Lose Weight with Confidence

It happens every time. Every time you see yourself in the mirror. Every time the weight scale needle won’t move. Every time you “cheat” with a chocolate fudge brownie. You feel stress, you feel anxiety, you feel frustration, you think that weight loss can’t happen for you. It’s not true. And with the help of your personal coach, safe, effective nutrition supplements, and a program that’s custom made for you, you can keep going with confidence. Even if the image in the mirror isn’t the greatest, you know it’s going to get better. The image that you may have of yourself now, will only improve as you go through your weight loss journey with us.


Start Right Now

Now’s the time. Herbal One’s Virtual Weight Loss Program is your opportunity to finally make the health, weight and lifestyle transformations you’ve always wanted, and get ready for living life at a lower weight.

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