Protein Packet Shake

Get More Protein in a Rich, Tasty Shake

Our healthy Protein Shakes make you feel great, but not just because they’re delicious and refreshing. They fill you up with fat-burning protein without giving you the simple carbohydrates that can make other protein shakes for weight loss do more harm than good.


15g of protein.

Protein To Go

Convenience is also key to eating healthily wherever you go. When you’re out, or in a hurry, or both, the wrong foods can seem to make sense. Each Protein Shake is sealed in a convenient, go-anywhere package.

  • Delivers one full serving of protein
  • Gives you a quick energy boost
  • Great breakfast substitute

Chocolate and Vanilla Flavours

Try any flavour to supplement your daily dietary protein. All you have to do is add water to enjoy a thick, rich and nutritious Protein Shake.

Coming Soon.