Protein Packet Shake

Get More Protein in a Rich, Tasty Shake

Our healthy Protein Shakes make you feel great, but not just because they’re delicious and refreshing. They fill you up with fat-burning protein without giving you the simple carbohydrates that can make other protein shakes for weight loss do more harm than good.

7 packets per package


15g of protein.

Protein To Go

Convenience is also key to eating healthily wherever you go. When you’re out, or in a hurry, or both, the wrong foods can seem to make sense. Each Protein Shake is sealed in a convenient, go-anywhere package.

  • Delivers one full serving of protein
  • Gives you a quick energy boost
  • Great breakfast substitute

Chocolate and Vanilla Flavours

Try any flavour to supplement your daily dietary protein. All you have to do is add water to enjoy a thick, rich and nutritious Protein Shake.

Coming Soon.