Losing Weight – The ‘Fear Factor’

Vince&Marsha after2Many of you checking out our site have likely been on a weight loss program before; and, whether it was a store bought product that promised to make you slim, or a ‘professional’ weight loss company guaranteeing that you would lose weight, you may not have had quite the experience that you were hoping for. You may have found that you were constantly hungry with the ‘slimming’ product that was supposed to keep you ‘full’. Or, the program you were on was just not doing what you were told it would do. And, if you did lose weight, you’ve put it all back on again . . . and then some. So, here you are wondering if the Herbal One program is going to be any different. We get it. You’re afraid of the pain associated with a diet, or you have a fear of failing – never reaching that inner trimmer you that you know is in there. Well, read on. Let us tell you what makes us different and why our program will be the last weight loss program you’ll ever need.

We take pride in committing ourselves to developing the most comprehensive and up-to-date client specific weight management programs that are designed and managed by our own corporate nutritionist. We know that losing weight is not an event, but rather a journey. And, to take you on that journey, Herbal One uses a two-tiered approach to losing weight. The first tier is food – good food based on Canada’s Food Guide. A Herbal One counselor will help you select a wide variety of every-day grocery bought foods that will contain the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars and fats that will make up your specific program. All of the food groups will be included and the abundant choices will ensure that hunger is not in the equation.

High quality weight management herbal supplements are an essential part of all of our safe, effective programs.

The second tier to the Herbal One program is based on quality weight management herbal supplements. They are an essential part of our safe, effective programs and work in conjunction with the food portion of the program. Based on your health history, your Herbal One counselor will help you select the right combination of herbal products in amounts that are safe and effective. By helping speed up your metabolism and acting as appetite suppressants our potent supplements are integral to your weight loss goal and help assure that you achieving it. They also aid in digestion, increase energy levels, and alleviate anxiety that is sometimes associated with weight loss. Our products are created by Herbal One’s own team of professionals and are designed to work in conjunction with the client specific programs that have been created for each individual. The specific combination of our herbal supplement products and the meal plans that are created from your own grocery bought foods, act as the perfect guide to getting you to your weight loss goal. This effective two-tiered approach provides safe, healthy weight loss and long- term weight management.

Our Counselors Guide and Motivate

program-instructor The key factor that makes our weight management programs so successful is our qualified and compassionate counselors. They provide motivating, individualized on-going support to clients to ensure that they stay on track. It really helps when you have someone assisting you along the way, with one-on-one

support. Weight loss is as much of a mental battle, as it is a physical one. The professionally designed, easy to use Program and Food Diary booklets help clients and counselors monitor their daily food intake. This monitoring helps determine if a client’s program is being followed correctly and the choices being made are the best for their continued success. Frequent visits with our counselors not only help keep things on track, they create the partnership needed to enhance a client’s current lifestyle and blend it into a successful permanent weight management lifestyle. Make sure to learn all the steps to taking the weight off and keeping it off!

Not only do we put an emphasis on losing your desired amount of weight, but we also focus on maintaining your target number. It is just as important to your body and your morale that you do not relapse and fall back into your old routine. Regular visits to your Herbal One centre and guidance from your qualified counselor is key to keeping you on track. Once your goal weight is achieved, a 9-week Stabilization Program is initiated to stabilize the goal weight and make adjustments to the overall program where necessary. From Stabilization the last step is our Maintenance Program. During this stage, counselors really hone in on making sure clients really understand what they have gone through to get to this point and teach them what needs to change in their lifestyle to maintain their now healthy weight life-long – even without further supplementation.

So, now that you know what Herbal One can do, what are you weighting for? Call your local Herbal One Centre and book your appointment today. The first meeting is an initial no-obligation free one-on-one consultation that will help you decide what custom Herbal One program will best benefit you. Together we can take you down the right road to your weight loss success.

Visit your centre often. Learn all the steps to taking the weight off AND KEEPING IT OFF!

Steps to Weight Management Success:

  1. Call your local Herbal One centre. Find a location near you.
  2. Make an appointment to come into one of our centres for an initial no-obligation free one-on-one consultation.
  3. With the help of your counselor, determine the customized program that best suits you.
  4. Sign up for and begin your personalized weight loss program.
  5. Follow and track your program using the Herbal One Program and Diary booklets and make regular visits to your centre to check your progress.

With your determination and our help, we’ll get you to your weight loss goal quickly and safely.