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Weight Loss North Bay

Herbal One weight loss clinic in North Bay, Ontario provides weight loss programs and products to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off. Herbal One is a Canadian weight loss and nutrition company backed by 30 years of weight management expertise and sound nutritional knowledge. Herbal One weight management centre clients, collectively, have lost thousands upon thousands of pounds.

At Herbal One North Bay, we work very hard to provide Canadian formulated and Canadian produced products that conform to Health Canada’s stringent regulations. Our natural product line has the potency necessary to produce the results clients are looking for – safely. Herbal One’s potent herbal products combined with our powerful and effective weight loss programs based on ordinary grocery store-bought foods can produce lifelong results. Get your personalized weight loss program for results that will last.

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STORE HOURS: Mon., Wed., Fri. 8 am – 5:30 pm; Tues. & Thurs. 12 – 6 pm; Sat. 9 am – 12 pm; Sun. closed.

AdelAdale’s Bio

I struggled with my weight as a teenager and then again in my late 20”s.  After finally losing the weight and feeling great, I wanted to help people achieve their goals.  It’s been over 12 year that I’ve owned my business.  It’s been really rewarding to help North bay and area residents learn a new lifestyle.  If you are at the point in your life where you are ready to make a change, feel great, have more energy, fit into a size you haven’t worn in years then let me and my team help you achieve it.


BarbBarb’s Bio

In my late 40’s I found myself struggling with my weight due to menopause.  I needed help!  I learned to eat the proper foods to help decrease my hot flashes and was able to lose weight.  I feel great and have more energy than I have had in a while.   A few years back I was looking for a career change and happened to see that Adale was hiring.  As a past client I knew the ins and outs of the program.  Can’t believe I’ve been here for 5 years!  It’s never really been a job to me! It’s so rewarding to help people change their lives and get healthy.  If you are reading this…. then I know you are ready to make the change…call me today and get started!

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Herbal One North Bay Testimonials

55 at 55 001

Look at JoAnn.55lbs on her 55th birthday. Well on her way to losing 100lbs!!!!

“My experience has been absolutely great. My energy has been dramatically improved!! I smile more at work and people say I look great. I’m looking forward to losing the next 50 lbs. The girls at Herbal One are fantastic and helpful with information and answering my questions. I’m learning to keep my weight under control. I recommend this life changing program to everyone!!”


May 2015 032Wow, look at JoAnn! As of May 8th, she’s down 75 lbs. and 57 inches. Nice work Joanne!! Keep going. You’re within reach of your goal very soon!!












Sept 2015 017JoAnne North BayWOW! Now look at JoAnn. She’s down and incredible 90 lbs and 74 inches. She looks 10 years younger! AMAZING! Good job, Joanne!
















Now look at JoAnne! She’s down 102 lbs and 84 inches. Congratulations!! You look FANTASTIC!!!!






















May 2014 013And how about this Joanne. She just lost 20 lbs and 13 1/4 inches. Nicely done! You’re looking very trim, Joanne.

Sept 2014 013
















May 2014 LindaMay 2015 Linda









Here’s Linda, a shift worker that works crazy hours. She managed to lose 29 1/4 lbs and 30 1/4 inches in just 5 months. She had a little trouble losing the pounds in the beginning but lost inches like crazy. With good advice from the staff and perseverance, Linda lost the weight too! “Mind and body are together for once. And I win!”

Good going Linda!!


Belinda beforeMay 2015 023





Check out Belinda L. She lost 22 1/4 lbs and   15 1/4 inches in 5 months!
After having 2 children Belinda struggled to get back down to her pre pregnancy weight, but was unsuccessful. Coming to us she was able to finally lose it and is forever grateful for the abundance of education she learned here at the centre!!! She realized that she was a chronic under eater!!! Now after learning how to eat properly she has balance in her life and in her body. In her after photo she is wearing a dress she bought before  having children!!! Way to go, Belinda!






Nov 2014 023June 2015 015






















And Mary feels so much better after losing 15 lbs and 19 inches. “Herbal One has been a great experience for me. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but being a woman with a small frame over the years I had gained excess weight that didn’t feel good. The program and counsellors taught me the proper amount and types of foods to eat and keeping a journal kept me on track. I’m now happy with my weight and my body. My clothes fit and if feel so much better!”

Feb 2015 004June 2015 005Taylor lost 20 lbs , 22 inches and is 22 years old!!
Taylor is a full time student working two jobs to pay for her education. With so many hours occupying her day Taylor lost site of herself and picked up bad eating habits. She learned better time management and how important it is to eat properly!! She was very successful in staying true to her program. She was thrilled to have  more energy to help get her through her grueling days!!











heather final

heather final 2

Hey, take a look at Heather. She’s down 38 lbs. and 38 inches and is she ever feeling GREAT!

“Herbal One was the perfect weight loss program for me. As I lost weight, my diabetic numbers reduced. The key to this program for me was the positive and helpful supportive staff who encouraged me every step of the way. I learned that stress triggered emotional eating. I am eating healthier than I ever have. My confidence has increased and I love how much lighter I feel. This has truly been a life changing event and I am thankful I had this opportunity to participate in the Herbal One program.”

July 2016 021Jan 2017 008

Big cheers for Louise who lost 34 lbs in just four and a half months and has gone on to lose another 6 lbs and a total of 30 and a half inches. Great job!

“My experience with the Herbal One program has been very positive. With support from Adale and Barb I have reached my goal. I feel healthier and have more energy than I have in a long time. Thank you Herbal One team for your positive reinforcement and help during my program.”



Nov 2016 010may 2017 025Margia is looking great these days. She’s lost 15 lbs. and 22 inches. She says, ” My goal was to drop the unwanted weight gained after turning 55. Finding a counselor like Barb was the game changer for me. She provided the support I needed using humour, little tricks to keep me on track and putting me at ease when I was feeling unmotivated. The program is easy to follow. I was never hungry and the added bonus is that my blood pressure is under control which gives me tons of energy and a zest for life. I’ve even been able to revisit my closet finding pretty dresses that hadn’t fit me in some time. Now I feel I have a brand new wardrobe to enjoy. How great is that! Consider Herbal One. You’ll be glad you did!”




And here’s Rosemary who is down 17 3/4 pounds and has lost 20 3/4 inches in just 3 months. She loves Herbal One and says . . . “I have tried many diets and nothing seemed to work. I’m so glad I joined Herbal One. The staff really cares and helps you all the time to lose your desired weight. I would encourage anyone who has tried many diets only to find that the weight comes back to give Herbal One a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

Check out Pierrette. Can you believe that she’s dropped 62.5 lbs. and lost 52 inches in the process?! All in only 7 months. AMAZING!
“Herbal One WORKS! It’s a great program and the support, guidance and encouragement is amazing. I dealt with Barb the most and she is the best – very supportive, dedicated and just positive – but tough when needed. The program is easy to follow and if you’re compliant, the pounds and inches will disappear. My journey will never end but with the love and support I receive from Herbal One, I’m in good hands.”
Keep it going Pierrette!

Meet Sylvie. She’s looking and feeling good after losing 28 inches and dropping over 20 lbs in just 5 months.

“In January 2019, I stepped on the scale and I had never been that heavy in my life. I knew I needed to do something different because exercising by itself was not taking the weight off. I signed up with Herbal One. After 5 months of portion control, exercise and choosing the right foods, I reached my weight goal. Herbal One has bee the best program I have ever done. I have energy and I feel great! Barb did a great job providing comments for way of rethinking food preparation and planning. She was a great listener and extremely easy to open up to. Barb is like family to me and i will always come in for maintenance to keep myself healthy. Thank you!

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Winter hibernation may not have been too kind to you. If you’ve packed on 10lbs or so, our proven “Beach Pack” is perfect for you!!
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• suppress your appetite

• promote fat breakdown

• retain and promote lean muscle mass

• decrease cravings for carbohydrates and sugars

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kit 005


Fun Tips and Advice















You may think the chocolate bunny can be cute and funny, but it will cost you way more than just money. Weigh the consequences. Hop on in and get the Easter Survival Kit and protect yourself. You can SURVIVE IT!


St Patricks day 005

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to lose weight. Come by today to get the new you . . . just in time for Summer!

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Pea pod banana

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