5 Big Benefits of Weight Loss – Other Than Losing Weight

Posted: March 26, 2018 in Blog, Tip, Weight Loss
Big benefits of weight loss other than losing weight and other tips Herbal One

One of the biggest reasons why weight loss can be so difficult for many of us is that we make it only about losing weight. You might want to lose weight because wedding season is coming up, or you’re planning a vacation down south or you’re simply tired of carrying around the extra weight and the stigma it can bring.

But regardless of why you want to lose it, you’ll probably focus all your efforts on reaching a certain target weight or trying to fit into a certain clothing size. There’s nothing particularly wrong with any of those motivations. But when you hinge your weight loss success on a what a weigh scale tells you or on the label of a dress, you increase your chances of feeling like you’ve failed if you don’t happen to reach the number in a set amount of time.

But the other benefits of losing weight might be just as good or better than rocking that new outfit.

1. Your Skin Will Stay Younger Looking

Simply by reducing how much sugar you consume, either directly or in high-sugar foods, you will help to make your hair and skin healthier and reduce the effects of ageing.

Sugar consumption results in the breakdown of collagen and elastin, both of which keep your skin looking healthy and wrinkle-free. To underline how much sugar we eat, every day Canadians on average consume five times the amount of sugar recommended by the World Health Organization.

2. You’ll Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

We recently told you about how that one little drink can ruin your weight loss. But, when those who have lost weight are asked about the most surprising/unexpected change, one of the most common responses is about not needing to drink as much booze to get the desired effect. Not only does that make it easier to keep the weight off, but you’ll save a lot of money every time you go out.

3. You’ll Get More Sleep

Among the most common conditions that make it difficult for many people to get a good night’s sleep are sleep apnea and snoring. Both of them can be made worse by excess weight around the neck. Improvements to both conditions have been noted after weight loss of just 5%. Considering the importance of sleep for weight loss this is one of those benefits that, once you lose a little weight, it’ll become easier for you to lose even more weight.

4. You Won’t Want to Just Sit on the Couch as Much

Every pound of excess weight puts four pounds of extra pressure on your knees. That kind of strain on all your joints, and simply carrying around all that extra weight would tire out even the fittest people. So it’s natural for you to just want to crash on the couch, and it’s why you hate the thought of exercise. People who have lost weight report fewer aching joints and higher energy levels that results in less time on the couch.

5. You’ll Enjoy Food More

You might think that it’s your enjoyment of food that makes you overweight. But it’s actually the opposite. Overeating reduces your sensitivity to flavours, so you eat more to compensate. When you become accustomed to a higher-quality food instead of higher quantities of food, your taste buds will reward you.

From fewer illnesses to better memory, there are many more benefits to weight loss. Call or visit your nearest Herbal One Centre and speak to a nutrition counselor to learn more.