5 Easy Ways to Cut the Cost of Healthy Eating

Posted: July 12, 2015 in Blog, Fitness, Food, Nutrition
bread with money in the middle

Grocery stores are a maze of temptations for anyone trying to lose weight and eat more nutritious foods. But it’s not just that those nachos are more inviting than that kale. They usually cost a lot less too. When you can get a jumbo bag of chips for the same price as a handful of organic veggies, it’s sometimes too hard to resist.

But there are some simple ways for you to lower the cost of healthy eating, get the nutrition you need and manage your weight.

Get Fruits & Vegetables in Season

The cost of fresh produce is often lower during harvest times. And harvest seasons differ depending on the produce, so you can add some variety to what you buy each week and save money almost year-round.

Choose Your Organics Wisely

We all want to avoid the chemicals and pesticides that are found in many non-organically-grown fruits and vegetables, but the extra cost sometimes makes it a tough choice. Some produce, like corn, onions and avocados, absorb only minimal amounts of chemicals, so their regular varieties are okay for consumption and there’s no need to spend the extra for the organic versions.

Check Out the House Brands

In most cases, the store-branded versions of foods come from the name-brand manufacturers, so the quality is the same, but at a lower cost.

Bulk Buying

Lots of healthy, high-nutrition foods are available in bulk stores and won’t spoil too quickly. Get your grains, beans, nuts, quinoa and rice at the bulk store to save money – and reduce wasteful packaging.

Frozen is Fresh

Not only is frozen produce less expensive, it can be more nutritious too. Frozen vegetables and fruits are often flash-frozen within hours of being picked, which preserves all of their nutrition.

As with all aspects managing your weight, healthy eating takes some time and effort, but it’s not that difficult to keeps the costs down. Talk to your local Herbal One nutrition consultant to learn more about economical ways to get proper nutrition from your diet and lose weight healthily.