5 Quick Weight Loss Tips

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Blog, Weight Loss
A picture of cucumbers, carrots, peppers and sauce

Hopefully you didn’t get here looking for tips on ‘quick weight loss’. It doesn’t exist.

Instead, the following are quick ways to help you healthily lose weight and keep it off.

  1. Exercise Portion Control – Measuring your food intake to reduce overeating helps keep your calories in check. But portion control is more than just weighing your serving of protein. It also means making smart substitutions whenever possible. Become an expert at reading nutrition labels to make better choices. At a restaurant, try two appetizers in place of a main course. At home, use smaller plates that will look full with less food.
  1. Maintain Nutrition Levels – In your efforts to lose weight, you make diet changes that can affect your nutrition levels. Left unchecked, those levels can fall below what your body needs. When they do, your body kicks into survival mode and it can actually start counteracting your weight loss efforts by slowing your metabolism and storing fat. Consult a nutrition specialist, like your local Herbal One representative, to make sure you keep up your nutrition levels for healthy weight loss.
  1. Eat Smart Snacks – Switching to fruit, vegetables and nuts from chips and cookies gives you a double benefit. First, you get better nutrition, which helps your body work with you to lose weight. Second, healthier snacks fill you up more so you eat less at meal times. Choose a variety of snacks so you don’t get tired of eating same thing.
  1. Put Your Goals on a Diet – Many of us want or need to lose a lot of weight. But it’s easier to reach that goal through a series of smaller goals. You will get a boost when you reach each step and you’ll reduce the chance of defeating yourself on your way to your ideal weight.
  1. Take a Few More Small Steps – We mean that literally. Every extra step or physical activity burns more calories. Park further away from work or the mall (you’ll probably save time by not driving around to find the absolutely closest spot). Take the stairs – if you live or work on too high a level, get off the elevator a floor or two before yours and walk up the rest of the way. If you do choose a formal exercise program, be sure to talk to your doctor – and listen to faster-paced music, it’ll make your workout faster paced too.