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5 Reasons Why Yoga is a Great Start to Your Weight Loss Journey

While getting things done is always a challenge, there are some things where just getting them started seems impossible. You know the feeling, the house is a mess and you’re wearing the same thing for the third time because the thought of cleaning or doing the laundry in unbearable.

What’s perhaps most interesting in these situations is that, once you get finally get started, the cleaning or laundry aren’t nearly the chores you made them out to be

Few things are more difficult than starting a realistic, healthy weight loss programme. Excuses come easily, and the thought of making changes to your diet or getting more active is hardly a motive.

But, for many, finding a way to start, something that doesn’t seem like the last thing they ever want to do, turns into the first step to life at a healthier weight. Once they find and take that first step, the next steps become easier to do.

Why Yoga is a Good First Step to Weight Loss

What makes doing something like yoga a more successful first step to weight loss than many others? The following are just a few of the reasons.

  1. It’s Easy to Do – You might not care for too much physical activity. Maybe you were never good at sports. Or your dancing was always a little, well, awkward. If any or all of these are true, you can still do yoga. While the stereotype of people in pretzel poses makes it look difficult, the truth is that yoga is as simple as walking.

  2. It’s Not All Intense – There are many different types of yoga, some focusing on muscle movement, others on breathing, your body alignment, and so on. For a beginner, there’s isn’t any need to become a “devotee”. You start just like you do any other class. It’s just yoga instead of Zumba.

  3. You Can Participate to the Extent that You’re Comfortable – As simple as yoga is, there’s often a fear of not doing it right. In truth, that’s never an issue. Instructors will help you, but they will always encourage you to do what feels right too. If you can do a pose the first time, or you never seem to get it right, it’s all good.

  4. You Can Find a Yoga Class Anywhere – Whether it’s at your local community centre, workplace, yoga studio or fitness centre, you have lots of options for where you can find yoga classes – and they are not expensive.

  5. It’s Not About Losing Weight – No one will tell you to hop on the weight scale after a yoga class. Your success comes simply from participating, nothing else. There’s no weight scale or judgement to defeat you.

Yoga is so easy to begin and continue, it may be one of the best ways to start adding more activity into your life. Once you do, the other steps come easy, like visiting your nearest Herbal One location where a nutritional consultant will develop a healthy, nutritious diet plan just for you. 


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