5 Springtime Weight Loss Tips

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Blog, Weight Loss
spring weight loss tips

After one of the worst winters ever in Canada and the U.S.A., it feels so good to say: spring has finally sprung!!

And it feels even better to get outside, which is great for your weight loss program because you’ll burn a few more calories from the extra activity.

But in all the excitement to get outside, reconnect with friends and neighbours – and get a little spring shopping done – can lead you to neglect your weight management program.

If you make a conscious effort to stay on track and use a few tips and tricks to help you do so – like the ones below – you’ll avoid falling into the weight loss pitfalls that can be hiding in spring time.

1. Pack Healthy Snacks

Not only is the weather warmer, but the days are longer. You’re tempted to do more, like get some errands done at lunch time or after work. But that can disrupt your eating schedule and, when you finally sit down for a meal, you’re at risk of overeating. By packing a few healthy snacks, you can stave off the irresistible hunger pangs that derail your program.

2. Remember Your Calorie Count

Just by keeping it mind when you’re out and about will help you stick to it and make smarter choices away from the controlled environment at home.

3. Don’t Overestimate Calories Burned

You went for a walk around the block, you feel great and you figure you burned a boatload of calories – then you reward yourself with an extra snack. Most calorie counters and pedometers overestimate the number of calories burned for a particular activity, which disrupts your calorie counts – and your weight loss program.

4. Prepare for More Restaurants

After a cold-winter’s hibernation, your social calendar fills up and you might fight yourself at more restaurants than usual. Compared to the meals you prepare at home, restaurant food is notoriously higher in fats, sugars and salt. And it isn’t easy, or possible, to get nutritional info for most restaurant menu items. If you made a date for dinner, have something healthy to eat before you go out so you don’t have as much to eat at the restaurant.

5. Good Stuff on the Grill

While it’s not yet high season for barbecuing, it’s still nice to enjoy some delicious grilled foods for a change. Try grilled salmon steak and chicken kebabs. And you’ll fall in love all over again with vegetables when you grill them. Learn a bit about healthy marinades and sauces to help you avoid high-fat and high-sugar commercial barbecue sauces.

From the holiday season in winter, to autumn getaways, every new season can affect your routine in different ways. It’s not always easy to stay on the path to a healthier weight. If you would like to learn more about navigating the sometimes unseen threats to your weight loss management programs that can arise at any time of year, visit your local Herbal One Centre where a nutritional consultant will be happy to answer your questions.