5 Wonderful Benefits of Water

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Blog, Fitness, Nutrition
glass getting water poured into it

It’s tasteless, clear and found almost everywhere, but, considering it’s so common, water delivers some extraordinary benefits for your weight loss efforts and overall health.

    1. Water Gives You Energy. Without proper hydration, your muscles won’t work as well and you’ll find it more difficult to perform everyday tasks. Maintaining your fluid levels is especially important during exercise when your muscles are under higher stress than normal. Drink more water before, during and after exercising and you’ll have a better, more productive workout.
    2. Water Makes You Look Better. It’s the largest organ in your body and it needs a lot of water. Without proper hydration, your skin will look dry and wrinkled. But the wrinkles and dryness will all go away and your skin will look better when you give your body the water it needs.
    3. Water Reduces Stress. Between 70% and 80% of your brain tissue is water. When your fluid levels are low, not only are your muscles stressed, but so is your brain. The added stress makes it difficult to perform properly and it lowers your tolerance levels, which, in turn, increases the stress you feel.
    4. Water Keeps You Regular. Water helps your body fluids carry waste out of your system. Your kidneys can only operate at peak performance if you maintain proper fluid levels. When you don’t, your system stores water for other bodily functions and waste is not removed as quickly and efficiently. In your digestive tract, good hydration keeps everything flowing as it should
    5. Water Helps You Lose Weight. While water itself doesn’t cause you to lose weight, many of its other benefits, including boosting your energy levels and reducing stress, gives you the energy and motivation you need to enjoy greater success in your program. Drinking more water, with your meals and when you are thirsty, helps reduce your consumption of high-calorie soft drinks.


In addition to increasing your energy for physical activity and reducing the calories you consume, water helps distribute the nutrients you need for healthy weight loss; nutrients you get from a customized supplement program, developed specifically for you by a nutritional counselor, to help keep your weight loss on track and make the journey smoother.