7 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight – Part 1

Posted: March 31, 2018 in Blog, Series, Weight Loss
Reasons why you aren't losing weight | Herbal One

The good news is you don’t need to blame yourself if you’re not losing weight even though you’re trying. Weight loss is never easy and keeping the weight off is just as difficult.

One of the great injustices of going on a weight loss plan is that the first few pounds come off so relatively easily. Just when you feel like you’re on your way to the weight and shape you’ve always wanted, the plan stops, or the weight loss stops, or both.

It’s very discouraging and forces many people to abandon the plan and any weight reduction strategies. But it’s also just the one of the reasons why you might not be losing weight weight even though you’re trying.

1. You Don’t Lose Weight in a Straight Line

From your body’s point-of-view, weight loss is an incredibly complex balancing act of getting the right nutrition, adjusting your body’s ‘normal’ state (your old weight) and burning calories. One little tilt in that balance and your weight loss may stop for a day or two, or a week.

Losing weight isn’t all downhill from your old weight to your new weight. There will be peaks and valleys, good days and bad days. It’s normal.

2. Portion Control

Another frustration of weight loss plateaus happens when it feels like you’ve given up every type of food you’ve ever loved and you’re not seeing the results. Why bother? Might as well go pack to pizza and bacon.

But it can be easy to gain weight even though you’re eating all the right foods. Portion control is a very important part of weight management that helps you avoid overeating and helps keep your diet balanced. But few people use it.

If you want to get a graphic idea of why many healthy eaters aren’t losing weight, check out @MeowMeix on Instagram. Among other great images and graphics that make it easy to see how eating habits can affect weight loss, she posts a series of images titled ‘Spot the Difference’ where she shows two plates of food, side by side, that look virtually the same. But the dish on the right sometimes has double or more of the calories as the dish on the left. And the difference in the calorie count is all about the portions on the plate.

3. You Count Calories Alone & Not Nutrition

Sticking with @meowmeix for the moment, she posted a great example how counting calories alone can rob you of the nutrition, and weight loss, you need and want.

In a side by side image of two homemade cookies versus two store-bought cookies, she compares the nutritional information for both. The homemade cookies have less fat, fewer carbs, four times the protein and 5 grams of fibre (versus no fibre for the store-bought cookies).

But both cookies have 180 calories. If you only eat foods based on the calorie count, you would think that your store-bought cookies were as healthy for you as homemade. And you would wonder why anyone would bother to make their own cookies.

Without paying attention to the nutritional content of the foods you eat, in addition to the calories, you can not only rob yourself of the weight loss you expect, but the nutrition you need to make that weight loss happen.

In Part 2 of “7 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight”, we’ll look at the final four, including over-estimating how many calories you burn, underestimating how many calories you eat, the effects of alcohol and the fact that you may be focused on the wrong thing.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about why you’re not losing when when you think you should be, call or visit your nearest Herbal One Centre and speak to a nutritional consultant who can give you reliable answers to all your questions.