Are There Any Easy Ways to Lose Weight?

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Blog, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Supplements
woman standing on scale that says help on it

The answer is no … and yes.

To help explain how we arrived at two totally opposite answers, here’s another question:

How easy would it be for you to lose 30 pounds in two months, and keep them off for a year?

… for a million dollars?

We bet you thought that it would be nearly impossible to lose that much weight in a relatively short time, and keep it off for an extended period.

That is until you found the motivation that comes from piles of cash. Then, suddenly, the near impossible task seems very doable.

Nothing is easy without motivation; not even getting off the couch. But the right motivation makes anything easy – or at least makes the hardship easier to endure.

Back to the title question.

If you are motivated to lose weight only enough to follow a diet for a couple weeks or drink a shake every day, the answer to the question is: no, there is no easy way to lose weight, nor will there ever be.

If that’s the extent of your motivation, not only will it be difficult to lose weight, you will probably never enjoy sustained success.

On the other hand, if you are motivated to lose weight enough to change your life – permanently, profoundly and for the better, then the answer to the title question is: yes. And, it won’t just be easy, you will hardly notice the effort.

Motivation changes your focus. In the 30-pound example, without the million dollar carrot-on-a-stick, all you saw were problems:

With the motivation, all the problems suddenly became opportunities to get a hefty payout.

The Secret to Finding the Motivation that Makes it Easy to Lose Weight

The problem with our example is that you’re not likely to ever have stacks of money waiting for you when you reach your target weight.

But you can still find the motivation to make it easier to lose weight.

The Secret: Give motivation a little push. Instead of depending on your motivation to move your focus away from the problems of weight loss, change the focus yourself.

Don’t focus on losing weight, but think about improving your life. Don’t lament all the familiar foods you are giving up, but think about all the delicious new taste sensations you’ll enjoy. Don’t measure your success by the numbers on your weigh scale, but on how many small steps you make toward a healthier diet and lifestyle.

By changing your focus, you find motivation.

And if you need a help finding the right motivation, just ask the nutritional consultant at your local Herbal One Centre.