A Big City Mayor’s Weight Loss Success Story

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Blog, Fitness, Food, Nutrition
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If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t usually tell the world about it.

If you did, you open yourself up to the never-ending questions about “how much have you lost so far?” and “how’s the diet going?” – even on those weeks where you actually gained back a couple pounds.

And then, if you decide to stop, or you just couldn’t manage to do it on your own, everyone will think you “failed”.

So imagine what it’s like to try to lose weight when your life is spent in the “fishbowl” of public scrutiny.

Even if you wanted to keep it to yourself, someone somewhere would notice – usually someone with a camera. And what the media does when they discover a secret is far worse than if they know what’s going on from the beginning.

So when Orlando’s long-time mayor, Buddy Dyer, decided to lose weight, he did so under the full glare of media attention.

Four years ago, after buying a new pair of pants for a business trip, only to have the pants be too small by the end of the trip, he decided it was time to shed some pounds. With a family history of heart disease, it also made sense for his health and wellbeing.

In addition to regular exercise, Dyer switched from “3 squares” to six smaller meals a day. He watched his carbs and stopped adding salt to his food.

In just four months, Dyer dropped 35 pounds. Even better, he has maintained his healthier weight for four years.

Dyer has said that being public about his health goals and weight loss keeps him motivated.

In addition to his lower weight, Dyer’s previously high blood pressure is also now below average.

Mayor Dyer didn’t achieve such incredible weight loss success on his own. His dietary changes were supervised by professionals and included nutritional supplements that helped him maintain his hectic pace as mayor, even while losing weight.

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