Food Trends to Look for in 2017

Posted: December 30, 2016 in Blog, Food
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You’d think after hundreds of thousands of years of eating, that there could not be anything ‘new’ in what we eat. But every New Year seems to bring with it a new food or diet trend, or at least a twist on an old one.

Before we look at some of what might be the new tastes of 2017, let’s look at some notable food trends of the past.

1. Spam

Yes, that oft-maligned ‘delicacy’ of pre-cooked meat in can was once quite trendy. Introduced in 1937, Spam shot its way up the food charts after World War II when it was a staple of soldiers’ field rations. Spam sold its seven-billionth can in 2007 and it continues to enjoy healthy sales in 41 countries on six continents.

2. TV Dinners

Hot on the heels of the Spam invasion, convenience became the leading food trend of the 1950s. With TV as the must-have social (or anti-social?!) trend of the time, TV dinners soon became all the rage. They were a complete meal, including dessert, that went from freezer to table in 25 minutes.

3. All Kinds of Imitation Foods

In the late 1960s, scientists experimented with simulated foods and flavours to keep astronauts fed without them having to worry about food spoilage or preparation. Suddenly, everything space-related was trendy, including imitation foods, like Cheez Whiz, Tang flavour crystals and Bac-o non-bacon bits.

4. Kale

The biggest food trend of the 2000s are super foods with kale perhaps being the most popular. It’s a great example of how a trend gets exploited by food manufacturers and you can now enjoy everything ‘kale’, including kale chips and kale popsicles.


With such an all-star line-up of famous trends, it’s difficult to imagine that any of the trends of 2017 will reach the lofty heights of the famous foods mentioned above.

Never-the-less, without further ado, here are some food trends to look for in 2017, as reported by Time magazine.

1. Wellness Tonics

They’re like superfoods in a glass. Look for wellness tonics containing ingredients like maca, turmeric and apple cider vinegar.

2. By-product Products

Following the trend to reduce waste, food manufacturers will turn food by-products that are typically thrown away into new food items. Already in the works are probiotic drinks made from the whey by-product of yogurt and a vegan mayonnaise made from the by-product of cooking chick peas, aquafaba.

3. Everything’s Going Coconuts

Maybe you’ve already enjoyed nutrient-rich coconut water or milk, but get ready for coconut everything to become more mainstream. Look for coconut tortillas, chips and sandwich wraps.

4. Japanese Dishes (not just sushi)

We all want to live longer and the Japanese have the longest life expectancy of any nationality in the world, so they must be eating something right, right? That means more fish, plants and vegetables (like what’s in sushi) but also look for Japanese influence in other areas of our diets, such as the condiments ponzu, miso and sesame oil.

5. Flexitarian Eating

We like this one because it helps those who struggle with weight loss to not feel like a failure because they didn’t follow a plan to the letter or manage to lose a certain amount of weight. Just like the ‘healthy-ish’ eating we told you about in a previous post, flexitarian eating typically means semi-vegetarian, but is often expanded to refer to a personalized nutrition plan and/or diet that doesn’t fit into the strict guidelines of typical categories, like gluten-free and vegan.

So if you like meat, but know not to have too many saturated fats, or dig the idea of paleo, but don’t want to turn into a cave dweller, you’ll welcome the flexitarian trend.

Needless to say, like beer shampoo for your hair, trends come and go. But it’s a mistake to ignore them or treat them as a novelty. You never know when, deep in that list of the latest fads, there may be one that helps lead you to the weight loss and healthy lifestyle you’ve been looking for. The nutrition consultants at your nearest Herbal One Centre are always available to help show you the way too.