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3 Of The Best Foods For Diabetics

Having diabetes can make it challenging to find the right foods to include in your diet. Moreover, you have to ensure you are balancing your diet so your blood sugar levels are regulated. Also, your activity levels and medications can influence which foods you need to consume more.

Let’s go over 3 of the best foods for diabetics to eat.

Leafy Vegetables

Not only do leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, have many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, but they don’t have a big impact on blood sugar levels. Spinach contains a significant amount of fibre, meaning it can prevent spikes in blood sugar levels. Kale is another diabetic-friendly option as it is high in fibre as well. Additionally, kale takes longer to digest due to the amount of fibre it contains. When your body takes longer to digest certain foods, it can prevent spikes in blood sugar levels. Other leafy vegetables you can include in your diet are broccoli, cabbage, and bok choy.

Sweet Potatoes

One of the best foods for diabetics is sweet potatoes. They are ranked low on the glycemic index and contain Vitamin C and Vitamin A. They contain lots of Iron as well, which helps red blood cells produce oxygen and move nutrients through your body. Sweet potatoes are also rich in fibre, which benefits your digestive system.


Beans are diabetic-friendly and are a plant-based protein. They are very filling, which can keep you from consuming too many calories. Additionally, beans can help regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. Some beans you can include in your diet are kidney, pinto and black beans. One thing to note if you purchase canned beans is to get them without salt. But, if they do contain salt, then drain the beans to remove as much as possible.

To learn about more healthy eating habits to help you healthily lose weight, visit your nearest Herbal One Centre and speak to one of our nutrition counsellors.

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