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5 Foods That Help Minimize Bloating

Minimizing bloating can be challenging. It could be caused by hormone imbalances or indigestion. But, sometimes it can be caused by certain foods that you’re eating.

Let’s go over 5 foods that can help minimize bloating.


Avocados are full of potassium. Your body uses potassium to help control its sodium levels. Your sodium levels control how much water your body holds. If your body has balanced sodium levels, then you won’t be as bloated. So, having avocados can help regulate your sodium levels and bloating.


Bananas help your body flush out excess sodium and reduce any inflammation. They also have loads of soluble fibre, which helps with constipation. Like avocados, bananas also have tons of potassium, aiding your sodium levels.


Celery can give you body a massive hydration boost. This can help your digestion by helping foods flow through your body smoothly. Celery also contains flavonoids which can reduce inflammation in your gut. This can help you feel slim and hydrated as it minimizes bloating.


Having a peppermint tea during your day can help your body relax and decompress. Additionally, it helps relax the muscles in your digestive system. When your muscles are relaxed, you can pass gas much easier to relieve any stomach bloating.


Fennel contains a compound that can relax any spasm in your digestive tract. If your body has fewer spasms, then gas can pass through your gut with minimal issues. This way, your body won’t feel as bloated. The best way to have fennel for bloating is to soak it in hot water and drink it as a tea.

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