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5 Foods That Can Suppress Hunger

Finding foods that suppress hunger can be challenging. You don’t want to have to overeat to feel full as it can be unsatisfying. There are many nutritious foods that can help you to feel full while eating less. But, it is important to ensure you are still eating the proper amount throughout the day.

Let’s go over 5 foods that can suppress hunger.


Almonds are a source of antioxidants, vitamin E, and magnesium. Additionally, they contain the most fibre of any nut. They can increase feelings of fullness, even by eating just a handful. So, if you are feeling hungry but don’t want a full meal, try having some almonds.


Ginger is known for having amazing digestive powers. You can add ginger to any meal or even put it in a smoothie. It works as a stimulant that improves digestion, which makes you less hungry.


Any apple can help act as an appetite suppressant. They are filled with soluble fibre and pectin, which helps your body stay full for longer. Additionally, apples take a while to chew, which allows your body to recognize when it is full.

Sweet Potatoes

Containing a special type of starch, sweet potatoes are able to keep you full by resisting digestive enzymes. This makes them stay in your stomach longer, which suppresses your appetite. Another benefit of eating sweet potatoes is that they are full of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Dark Chocolate

Surprisingly, dark chocolate can make you feel full! Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa can help lower your cravings due to its bitter taste. It helps slow digestion as it contains stearic acid.

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