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Why You Need Protein in Your Body

The protein in your body performs many different functions, primarily in your cells. Proteins are crucial to the health of every cell in your body.  Without protein, your body wouldn’t be able to repair cells or create new cells.

Here are just a few reasons why the protein in your body is so important to your health.

Helps Your Body Work

Some proteins act as hormones, which are the chemical messengers between your cells, tissues and organs. That communication helps to regulate many of the body’s functions, including growth, metabolism and reproduction. So protein in your body is necessary for it to work more efficiently.

Improves Cell Structure

Some proteins have fibre that helps strengthen cell structure. They include keratin, collagen, and elastin. These 3 proteins help form the connective framework of your body, including ligaments, tendons and your skin, making them all stronger and more elastic.

Maintains pH Balance

Balancing the acid and alkaline in your blood and other bodily fluids is important. Many diseases, illnesses and bad bacteria develop faster in an over-acidic environment. The balance of acids and alkaline in your body is measured by your pH levels, and proteins play an important role in maintaining pH balance.

Boosts Immunity

Proteins help form antibodies that can fight infections in your body. In fact, antibodies are made up of proteins. If you are prone to getting sick or want to stay healthier, proteins will help fight any bacteria that enters your body. Additionally, these antibodies will ‘remember’ viruses, which makes it easier to fight them if they come back.

We are here to support you. Reach out and speak to your Herbal One counsellor for insights and information on the importance of protein.

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