Give Yourself More Chance for Weight Loss Success

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Blog, Weight Loss
man getting to run on the track field

OK. You’re ready. It’s time for you to stop putting it off and really get into losing some weight. You set a target weight. You find a diet and/or exercise program that says it will get you there, and off you go.

If you manage to get that far, one of two things will happen:

  1. You’ll Fail – Every weight loss program starts off with optimistic enthusiasm, but relatively few end that way.
  2. You’ll Succeed – You reach your target weight. Congratulations! But now what?

Studies show that in both scenarios it’s very likely that you will gain back most or all of the weight you lost.

In other words, whether your weight loss plan fails or succeeds, you lose.

So What’s the Problem?

Weight loss plans, target weights, diets; all the usual ways we use to try to reach a healthier weight, are all missing the point.

Weight loss should not be the main goal. Placing an emphasis on reaching a certain weight in a certain amount of time gives you more chances for failure than it does for success.

And each failure makes success that much more difficult to achieve.

Weight Management is the Goal

If you think about managing your weight instead of losing a certain amount of it, then you give yourself more chances for success.

Like managing anything else, managing your weight is an ongoing process.

And that’s really the point.

Getting to a healthier weight shouldn’t have a start and finish. It’s not a destination. It’s a way of life.

And that means every step you take toward better weight management is a success. Every teaspoon of sugar you give up. Every extra calorie you burn. Every peanut you eat in place of a potato chip. Each one of them is a win for you.

And what happens when you pile up the wins? You might actually reach your weight loss goal!

But now, after you do, instead a falling back into bad habits like you might following a diet, you’re all set to maintain your healthy new weight because it’s your new way of life.

Changing your eating habits and getting the proper nutrition to help you manage your weight is not easy. The nutritional counselors at your local Herbal One Weight Loss Centre can help you every step of the way towards a healthier lifestyle. Click here to view some of our weight loss programs.