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This is Where Healthy Weight Loss Begins

The first step towards any destination is always the most difficult. Remember when it was OK to hop on a plane and take a vacation? Then you’ll remember how much ticket buying, hotel booking and clothes packing you did before you even set foot outside the house.

Taking the first step towards successful, healthy weight loss can be one of the most difficult first steps you’ll ever take. Among many other hurdles, you have to wade through the conflicting advice, face the prospect of giving up your favourite foods (and opting instead for smaller helpings of foods that are decidedly not your favourite), and figure out how to get more exercise, even though the thought of it is unbearable. 

If only you can find an easier way to start losing weight…

Start Your Weight Loss Journey with a Healthy Breakfast

If the effort of making major changes to your diet, activity and life are getting in the way of taking the first step to living life at a lower weight, then find another way to start. And what better place to start than with the first meal of the day.

The idea here is to cut through everything about weight loss that’s preventing you from achieving it, and begin with one, simple, easy to accomplish step.

Start eating healthier breakfasts and forget the other stuff for now. Just focus on breakfast. It’s considered the most important meal of the day and, as such, making it a healthier one can deliver benefits for your entire day, and help set you up for healthy successful weight loss. 

How to Make Your Breakfast Healthier

To get you started, here are just a few suggestions for making your breakfast healthier.

  1. Fibre-Rich Foods – Fibre fills you up faster and makes you feel fuller longer, so you tend to eat less. A basic way to add more fibre to your breakfast is to eat whole grains, including whole grain oats, whole-grain toast and even whole-grain pancakes (go easy on the syrup!). Beans and vegetables are also good choices. 
  2. High-Protein Foods – Protein not only makes you feel fuller, but it boosts your metabolism and reduces your appetite. Eggs, yogurt, low-fat milk, beans, nuts and seeds are all excellent sources of protein. 
  3. Go Easy on the Fruit Juices – A cool glass of orange juice at breakfast seems like a healthy choice. But many packaged fruit juices have as much or more sugar than sugary soft drinks.  Instead, try low-fat milk, low-sodium vegetable juice or a glass of water with lemons or limes in it.

Once you start eating healthier breakfasts, you’ll be better prepared both mentally and physically to continue your weight loss journey. And the nutritional consultant at your nearest Herbal One Centre is ready to help you. 

For more ways to get started on healthy weight loss, check out our post “Looking for Motivation to Lose Weight? Check These Headlines”. 


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