Here’s a Fast Weight Loss Tip: Smarter Eating

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Blog, Food, Nutrition
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Nowhere is it written that, to lose weight, you must drink stuff that tastes like cardboard, exercise ‘til you drop, eat nothing but leafy vegetables and/or any of the other dreary tips and advice you’ll get about how to lose weight fast.

Part of the problem is our idea of fast weight loss. There are ways for you to lose weight safely and relatively quickly. But when you put weight loss on a tight schedule, you reduce your chance for long-term success and you potentially put your health at risk.

Quick weight loss usually means making fairly drastic changes to your diet and levels of activity. But it’s those sorts of changes that make weight loss seem like a difficult and daunting task. And that reduces your chances of sticking with it and reaching your goals.

Don’t Eat Less – Eat Smarter

If you change your mindset from “gotta lose weight fast” to “gotta lose weight long-term”, you begin to give yourself a better chance of weight loss success.

Start by eating smarter, not necessarily less. Set reasonable deadlines. And if you don’t reach your goals, that’s OK. Keep going. Don’t let the schedules beat you.

Below are three ways you can eat smarter while enjoying foods that are off-limits on most fast weight loss diets: fast food, snacks and sugar.

Fast Food:

There are some obvious ideas, like choosing healthier fast food outlets. But even at a place like McDonald’s, a quick look at their nutrition table shows you can beat the calories while still eating foods similar to what you had before.

Same dish, except one’s ‘crispy’ and one’s ‘grilled’. But the grilled variety has about 30% fewer calories.


Snacking is the sneaky enemy of even the best weight management programs. You can eat a healthy, balanced diet all day long and ruin it all with unhealthy snacking.

Smarter snacking means reducing snacks that offer empty calories and high levels of salt, fat and sugar. 

Fresh peanuts, trail mix and low-salt popcorn are healthier snack choices. If you absolutely need a fix of salt, throw some pretzels in with Cheerios and Shreddies to make your own Bits ‘n’ Bites.

binge and the disappointment that follows. Instead, look for ways to continue eating similar foods, but adjust what you eat slightly to get less sugar.

Here are just two quick examples from the grocery store:

The approach to long-lasting, healthy weight loss is almost completely opposite to fast weight loss. Eating smarter is just a start. You will need to eventually make some sacrifices that don’t seem easy. 

But by starting with smaller, smarter adjustments, you make it easier to accomplish the bigger goals. Your local Herbal One weight loss and nutrition expert has the answers you need to help you reach and maintain your long-term weight loss goals.

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