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How Does Alcohol Affect My Weight Loss?

Let’s start by bursting the bubble. Alcohol and weight loss don’t mix. The main reason is that no amount of alcohol, even amounts listed in government guidelines to limit your alcohol consumption, is particularly good for you.

If you look closely at those guidelines, they will say something like “reduce your long-term health risks” by limiting your alcohol consumption. But the risks are still there.

As for the red wine and white wine being good for you debate, yes, there may be health benefits of drinking a glass of wine, but that doesn’t eliminate the health risks involved with consuming alcohol.

4 Ways Alcohol & Weight Loss Don’t Mix

To give you an idea of the effect of alcohol consumption on reaching your weight loss goals, if you stuck strictly to the government guidelines, you’d have to become a gym rat to fight the weight gain.

  1. Alcoholic Drinks are High Calorie – Most people are astonished to find out how many empty calories are in their alcoholic beverages. While beer gets a lot of attention due to the famous “beer gut”, a five-ounce glass of wine has 80% of the calories of 12 oz. beer.

    And when you get into drinks mixed with pop or fruit juice, the calories get even higher. An 8 oz. rum and coke has 20% more calories than a 12 oz. beer. 
  2. Alcohol is Fuel – When you drink alcohol, your body will burn the alcohol calories first. And not burn the calories in the foods you eat or that you have stored in your fat cells. 
  3. It Lowers Your Will Power – This is where even one drink can be a problem. Even if you don’t feel the effects of the alcohol, we all associate a “drink” with relaxing, unwinding, maybe have a snack. And if we binge drink, then we can easily completely lose track of our calorie consumption. 
  4. Alcohol Can Ruin Your Sleep – Again, even just one drink can trigger interruptions to your sleep. Interruptions can lead to hormone imbalances that can increase your appetite.

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