How to Defeat Every Obstacle Between You and the Weight You Want to Achieve

Posted: March 4, 2016 in Blog, Health, Weight Loss
Weight Loss Obstacle

By now you should know that if you want to get to a certain weight, it is really all in your hands. There’s no miracle cure or routine but just discipline.

With that idea out of the way, you can start to focus on facing the challenges of weight loss and setting yourself up to conquer each one.

The obstacles between you and your desired weight depend on you. You may simply need to avoid the coffee shop, or stop eating during tear-jerker movies, or make changes to your diet.

But by employing some or all of the following pieces of advice, you will be ready for any weight loss challenge you face.

1. Be a Believer

Yes, you can do it. You are strong enough to make the right changes and a healthier lifestyle is within your grasp. You must believe in your ability to live it.

2. Know What You Want & Why

If you’re trying to lose 20 pounds to fit into an outfit in time for a friend’s wedding, then that’s the entire scope of your weight loss program. You’ll probably be back where you are today shortly after the wedding.

3. Know Your Starting Points

From proper nutrition to regular sleep, you can help to reach your goals in a number of ways. Just like you know exactly what you weigh now, you should also know where you are at with anything that can help your weight loss, like how much sleep you get, how much you walk every day and what causes you stress.

4. Don’t Give Yourself an Easy Way Out

Weight loss is usually a lonely journey. Many of us don’t want to share it with anyone because we don’t want to be embarrassed if we fail. But many of us intentionally don’t tell anyone because they want to be able to stop any time without being accountable. But you must be accountable. Get the help you need to make the changes you want.

5. Enjoy the Journey

If you focus only on a number, like how many pounds you want to lose, you’ll miss out on everything you achieve every day. Whether it’s something big like permanently getting rid of sugary drinks in your home, or something not quite as big, like taking a flight of stairs instead of an escalator, celebrate each step and the journey will take care of itself.

6. Always Be Learning

Whether it’s losing weight or learning to play the guitar, the more you know, the better you will be. If you look at the habits of the greatest musicians in the world, they practise almost daily, they learn different ways to play and they are always trying something new. There are no “perfect” piano players. You can’t be perfect at weight loss, but you can always get better at it. So keep learning and stop beating yourself up at the first sign of a problem

7. Be Thankful

It’s not always easy to realize how incredibly lucky we are. Too often we compare ourselves to those around us, which includes the models and movie stars we see on TV, or our Facebook friends who always seem to be doing something interesting and cool. But if you have food to eat, shelter, clothes and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of the world’s population. Be thankful for everything you have and it will be easier to get what you don’t have – including a healthier weight.

Whether you need help to start, or need a hand to keep going, the nutritional professionals at your nearest Herbal One Centre know how to make your weight loss efforts more successful.