An Iron Chef’s Day-To-Day Guide to Healthy Eating

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Blog, Food, Nutrition
Chef in a kitchen

As a child, Chef Marco Canora always looked forward to enjoying his mother’s harvest of herbs and vegetables. Today, after learning the chef’s trade on both sides of the Atlantic, reaching the finals of TV’s “The Iron Chef” and receiving many nominations and awards for his culinary creations, those long-gone harvests are reflected in the healthy and tasty dishes he creates.

And in between TV appearances, restaurant openings and developing new dishes, Chef Canora manages to do some writing and is the author of two books on cooking.

His latest literary effort is “A Good Food Day – Reboot Your Health with Food That Tastes Great”. In the book, Chef Canora writes that “it’s easy to get bogged down in the constantly evolving, sometimes confusing details of healthy eating advice”.

To help the rest of us get through the “nutritional noise”, Chef Canora offers the guideline he uses every day to help him enjoy delicious dishes made of healthy foods.

Enjoy Eating

woman enjoying eating fruits

Eating should be a pleasurable experience, not one fraught with guilt and regret. Making meals with quality, tasty and healthy ingredients lets you enjoy them and leave the table feeling satisfied, not deprived.

Be the Cook

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The best way to take control of your health and weight is to take control of what goes into your body. When you prepare your own meals, you will significantly reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fat that you get from processed and prepared foods.

Plan for Healthy Eating

healthy meal planning

It takes thoughtful planning to prepare and eat the proper foods with the right nutrition for optimum health. In addition to choosing the right foods, healthy meal planning includes making larger “leftover-friendly” dishes so you don’t need to cook every day; making schedules for regular shopping and cooking days, and making sure you stick to the schedule.

Pay Attention to Mother Nature

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Regardless of how healthy the food, and how well you plan, regular cooking can quickly become a repetitious rut that makes you want to get your old habits back. To stay on track, use seasonal foods in your dishes and keep expanding your repertoire of menus.

Chef Canora stresses that “there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to a good food day, and your own definition of it may change over time.” 

To make sure the changes you make to your diet are best suited to your personal weight loss and nutrition goals, drop in to your local Herbal One Centre and talk to a qualified counsellor.. She will help you maximize the benefit from your new healthy eating habits.