Is Garcinia Cambogia Extract Your Missing Link to Sustained Weight Loss?

Posted: September 10, 2018 in Blog, Nutrition, Tip, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Supplements
The effects of Garcinia Cambogia Extract with sustained weight loss | Herbal One

Losing weight is really quite easy. In fact, you might lose weight today, even if you’re not trying.

Your body weight can shift as much as a few pounds from day to day. And when you do go on a formal weight loss program, you always have good results off the top as you get rid of water weight.

But sustained weight loss, keeping the weight off after the diet or program is over, is not very easy at all. Most people who go on a weight loss diet gain all or more of the weight back within three years.

Why is Sustained Weight Loss So Difficult?

The ease of losing weight and the difficulty of keeping it off has puzzled anyone who’s ever tried. But when you think of what your body goes through, it’s not so difficult to understand why stabilizing and sustaining is so problematic.

Losing weight is a significant strain on your body. When you’re on a diet, your body’s normal day-to-day routine is disrupted in a way that can put it in panic mode.

Then, if you’re lucky enough to make it through a diet relatively intact, and you return to some of your regular eating habits, your systems are disrupted again. So you’re actually fighting your body’s natural instinct to get back to ‘normal’.

If you don’t ‘stabilize’ your weight loss by giving your body what it needs to fight the disruptions, it can be nearly impossible to sustain your new weight.

How to Stabilize Your Weight Loss

You’re still adjusting to new foods and meal plans and eating schedules, so more changes to your diet to help with ‘stabilization’ can add even more stress to your body.

In other words, you need help to stabilize your new weight. There are a number of natural, herbal supplements that support your body’s systems in ways that help in keep your weight off.

The Missing Link to Weight Stabilization Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia cambogia extract comes from the fruit of a tree that grows in parts of South-East Asia, India and Africa. Remarkably, studies of the extract have linked it to a number of properties that help you sustain weight loss in at least two big was.

First, garcinia cambogia extract has been shown to reduce the appetites of study participants. So it can help you fight the hunger pangs. Second, it’s been shown to lower cravings for salty, sugary and fatty foods, which means it can help you maintain your nutrition levels and healthy eating habits.

It might sound a little contradictory, but the biggest hurdle to stabilizing your weight at its new level might be the success of your weight loss. You’ve spent years carrying extra weight around, not wearing what you want, and hearing the comments behind your back.

Now, due to your weight loss success, you look and feel fantastic. So what’s wrong with letting go for a meal or two? You’ve just spent weeks and months counting calories and never being quite satisfied. And, OMG! You just can’t wait to clobber a family-sized bag of chips like you used to. Just once can’t hurt, right?

Not only has garcinia cambogia extract been shown to help people stay away from those scenarios, it’s exhibited lots of other benefits too.

Energy & Mood Boost

It’s a natural ‘pick-me-up’

Easier to Concentrate

Along with the energy boost, it can help improve your focus

More Stable Blood Sugar Levels

Seesaw blood sugar levels play havoc with your weight.

Stabilizing your weight is key to sustaining your weight loss for the long term. Without helping your body to adjust to its new weight, it may continue to fight against it. Garcinia cambogia extract is an active ingredient of Herbal One’s Ultra Stabilizer herbal supplement, which is part of our 9-week Weight Stabilization Program. Call or visit your nearest Herbal One Centre and speak to one of our nutritional consultants to learn more