Why You Need Nutrition Supplements Now More Than Ever

Posted: March 6, 2015 in Blog, Food, Weight Loss Supplements
fruits in a pill

In a way, the nutrients your body needs are like the gasoline in your car.

But, before you go out and guzzle a couple litres in hopes of improving your health, it’s not what you think. Just like your car burns gasoline to get the energy it needs to operate, your body uses nutrients to get the energy it needs to function.

With a tank full of gas, your car will go all day. With a little gas, it will only work a little. Without any gas, it’s dead.

The same is true for nutrients and our bodies. Proper nutrition gives us the energy we need to stay active and healthy. Poor nutrition deprives us of the energy we need, and we feel tired and rundown. No nutrition means … well, it’s like a car without gas.

Good quality nutritional supplements help make sure we get the nutrition our bodies require to remain healthy. And we need them more than ever. Here’s why:

More Stress

One UK psychologist says British adults are more stressed now than they were during the Blitz of World War II. The Institute of HeartMath points out that stress today is different partly because of advancements in technology. For example, today when we go on vacation, we don’t completely ‘disconnect’ from our daily lives as we did before email, texting and the web. Stress increases the body’s need for nutrition.

Poor Eating Habits

With more free time and disposable income than ever before, we tend to do more – and have less time to prepare healthy meals. Fast food restaurants are more popular than ever, but their food is not the most nutritious.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Baby boomers grew up in families with only one car in the driveway. Today, three- and four-car families are common. It’s just one sign that we are less active in our day-to-day lives. Physical activity keeps us fit and helps us reduce stress.

Not all nutritional supplements are made the same. Many make big claims about potency and health benefits. But most of us are not nutrition experts and it’s difficult to know what’s best for our health. To learn more about the right nutrition supplements for your needs, talk to the nutrition consultants at your local Herbal One Centre.