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What Foods Should Be On Your Grocery List

Going to the grocery without your grocery list can be stressful. If you are trying to follow a healthy diet, you don’t want to just grab anything green and add it to your basket. And, the ice cream and chocolate aisles may be even more tempting if you don’t have a strict list.

Here are some foods that you should always have on your grocery list.


Eggs not only make the perfect breakfast, but they can be added to other meals. You can make scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos, or muffins with them. And they are a great non-meat source of protein. Always make sure your fridge is stocked with eggs!

Lean Proteins

Lean proteins, like chicken, turkey, or fish, should be in your cart. You need protein in order for your muscles to grow and for your body to function. Lean proteins contain less fat than others, which is the ideal option if you are watching your weight.


No matter what, you can incorporate vegetables into every meal. Choose vegetables depending on which ones you like. You shouldn’t be buying kale just because it’s popular if you won’t eat much of it.  If you do want to try some new vegetables, look for a tasty-looking recipe and get any vegetables needed for it, even if you’ve never tried them.


It is normal to get sugar cravings. Your first thought may be to grab a piece of chocolate or grab your favourite savory snack, but fruit can satisfy your sugar cravings too. Always have fruit on your list, particularly your favourites, so you get your daily sugar intake and enjoy delicious snacks.

Seasonings & Spices

Seasonings and spices help to add flavour to your food. You can use them in soups, on meats, and on any grains. You can also add them to drinks. Since they have a low calorie count, they can help you stay on track with a healthy diet as they won’t be contributing to your calorie count significantly.

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