How to Peel Away the Barriers Between You and Weight Loss Success

Posted: July 21, 2017 in Blog, Weight Loss
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It turns out we’ve all been approaching weight loss from the wrong direction. Whether managing weight has always been a problem for you, or you’ve added some inches as you ‘mature’, you have a certain vision of the weight you want to be. And, until you get to that ideal place, you’ll feel like you’ve failed.

It’s that ‘all-or-nothing’ nature of that approach to weight loss that dooms it to failure for the vast majority of people who try it. It’s sort of like saying that you want a beautiful home, but unless you can instantly turn your house into the mansion of your dreams, you’ll not be happy with where you live.

Fortunately, most people enjoy improving their homes in stages. It might be financial reasons, or just the way they want to do it, but they know they can’t instantly expand the living space, have the eclectic décor and amenities they want, and a sunroom too, so they take it one step at a time.

One year they might update the kitchen, then install a pool the next summer and top it off with beautiful landscaping. Eventually, they come home to the house they envisioned all along.

Why Weight Loss is Different

Yes, we know, home improvements and weight loss are not nearly the same thing – but not just for the obvious reasons. One has a clear starting point and one doesn’t.

For fixing up the house, the starting point is its current condition and decor. But, the mistake we make in our approach to weight loss is to think that finding the starting point is just as simple.

In fact, the simple approach of thinking that you must start by losing all the extra pounds you have is one of the first barriers between you and actually reaching your ideal weight. And that initial misstep leads to a number of other barriers, like fad dieting, too much extra activity, lack of energy and ongoing hunger pangs.

How to Peel Away the Barriers

Shedding all the weight you would like to lose is actually the result, or end point, of weight loss success – not its starting point. To find the perfect starting point for your weight loss success, you need to work back from that end point, starting with the three main keys to weight loss success:

  1. Reduce your calorie intake
  2. Increase how many calories you burn
  3. Eat a balanced, more nutritious diet

Instead of trying to accomplish all of those at once, use them to find a starting point for your weight loss journey that maximizes your chances of success.

1. Eliminate the Obvious

If you just aren’t into working out or you get as much activity as you care to do right now, then don’t go on an exercise plan or do more than you already do, it probably won’t work for you as a starting point.

2. Find the Most Appealing Key

If you can see yourself someday eating healthier foods, but you aren’t quite ready for an ‘avocado and kelp diet’ just yet, then turn your attention to reducing how many calories you eat.

3. Do a Calorie Count

You don’t have to be exact. But get as clear an idea of how many calories you eat in a day.

4. Find a Culprit

Chances are that you’ll be surprised at how many calories you get from some of the foods you eat regularly. Whether it’s the muffin you grab on the way to work, or the desserts you choose, you’ll learn more about where the extra calories are coming from.

5. Set Your Starting Point

Choose a food or meal that’s contributing more than it should to how many calories you consume and make it the starting point for your weight loss journey. Focus on it alone. Reduce how much of it you eat or substitute a healthier option. Do everything you can to make that one, simple first step a success. When you do, many others will follow.

Starting a weight loss program is never easy. In addition to find the right way to begin, finding the support you need throughout the process is also a key to success. The nutritional consultants at Herbal One are ready to help you everystep of the way.