5 Surprising Entries for Your Best Foods for Weight Loss List

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Series
avocado with dark chocolate in it

Too often we determine which foods are best for weight loss by counting calories and fat content.

By themselves, calories, fat and most of the other usual suspects in the weight gain blame game don’t make people fat. In fact, calories and fat are essential to living.

Weight management problems start when we consume too many calories and/or get too many of them from fat.

There are some foods that are great for helping you to lose weight, but some of them have more fat and/or calories than most people would associate with a healthy food.

How can these be the best foods for weight loss? Because successful weight management isn’t merely about burning and reducing calories. It’s about maintaining a balanced and healthy diet full of all the nutrition you need to sustain a healthy weight.

  1. Eggs – Eggs are not listed first because they are the best food ever, but because there is perhaps no other single food that has suffered more slings and arrows for its health effects.

    • The fact is that eggs are full of protein and numerous studies show that a high protein diet, including eggs, reduces hunger pangs and overall calorie intake for the day.
    • Cholesterol? After the initial bad reputation eggs earned, which was based only on their levels of cholesterol, there appears to be no significant proof that moderate egg consumption actually raises bad cholesterol in humans.
  2. Freekeh. Fibre in your diet helps you lose weight by keeping your system ‘clean’. More than just a low-calorie, high-protein ‘super food’, freekeh has double the dietary fibre of quinoa
  3. Dark Chocolate – A couple squares of dark chocolate between meals is shown to reduce how much you eat at your next meal. And it doesn’t have the dairy fats of milk chocolate.
  4. Avocado – A great source of protein and fibre, avocado also has lots of fat, especially considering it’s a fruit. But it’s healthy monounsaturated fat, which helps fill you up and reduce your hunger pangs.
  5. Red Wine – The story of red wine’s health benefits seems to get better all the time. The same anti-oxidant properties that purportedly helps slow down the human aging process has also been shown to reduce the storage of fat.

But remember, all the good red wine news is based on moderate consumption.

All of these foods, and any others that help you lose weight, will only do so as part of a complete program of weight loss and nutrition. To learn more about a program that will help you lose weight, please visit your local Herbal One Nutrition Centre.