The Battle of the Sexes: Male vs. Female Weight Loss

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Blog, Series, Weight Loss
a woman measuring her waist

While “vive la difference” might be a celebration of what makes men and women different, when it comes to weight loss, the difference leaves nothing to celebrate, at least if you’re a woman.

As many women will attest, while they struggle to manage their weight, their male partners seem to be able to do the same or better without much effort.

And it’s the physical differences between the sexes that are to blame. Starting with the basic ‘male’ and ‘female’ hormones, the weight loss odds are stacked against women.

Testosterone levels in males are, on average, seven times higher than in females. One of the key roles played by testosterone is to increase muscle and bone mass, which helps men burn more calories.

Conversely, one role of estrogen, the dominant female hormone, is to help the body store fat.

What it All Means for Weight Loss

Find Out What Works for You: Not just men and women, but we are all different, with different body types, hormone levels and lifestyles. You need to know what will work for you personally instead of basing your weight management decisions on averages. Talk to the nutrition counselor at your local Herbal One Centre for answers about the best weight loss options for you.