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Three Nutrition Blunders You Should Avoid

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Here’s three “nutrition blunders” that many of us make. Stay tuned for more!

  1. Skipping breakfast to save calories for later in the day?
    Studies show that breakfast club skippers actually have more difficulty controlling their weight because they tend to overeat at the next meal. Eating breakfast revs your metabolism and replenishes your fuel source!
  2. Not planning your meals in advance?
    If you come home from work tired and hungry to an empty fridge, chances are high that you will order in. Instead, plan ahead. Grocery shop once or twice a week to suit your schedule. Batch cook on the weekend if necessary. You’ll eat healthier and save time and money!
  3. Grabbing the coffee shop muffin for breakfast?
    Here’s the bad news: the typical muffin can deliver up to 19 grams of fat and 400 calories not to mention the sugar count! Try a low fat yogurt and fruit.

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