Want to Lose Weight in 2018? Are you Sure?

Posted: January 5, 2018 in Blog, Weight Loss
Losing weight in 2018 | Herbal One

What’s the real benefit of your vacuum cleaner? In other words, what does a vacuum cleaner do for you that nothing else can? Most people would say that it helps keep their floors clean. But there are lots of ways to keep your floors clean.

The real benefit of your vacuum cleaner is that it saves you time. Before vacuum cleaners, people would need to move all their furniture aside, pick up their carpets, carry them outside, beat them with a broom handle, bring them back inside, and put the furniture back in place.

With a vacuum cleaner, it probably takes the same amount of time to clean your rugs as it would to beat them with a stick. But you save the time of removing the carpets and putting them back in. So you really own a vacuum because it gives you more time to do other things.

Do You Want to Lose Weight in 2018?

Think carefully about your answer to that question.

Why? Because the obvious answer, at least for the majority of the people reading this blog post, is “yes”. But that answer could be your first step in ultimately not being able to lose any weight.


Just like keeping your house clean isn’t the real benefit of a vacuum cleaner, losing weight isn’t really what you want to do. If you knew what you were putting your body through when you went on a weight loss diet, including the stress on your internal organs, the potential damage to your health and the fact that you’re very likely to put all the weight back on, you would never really want to lose weight.

Instead, what you really want is to live your life at a healthier weight or, if you’re concerned abut how extra pounds make you look, to feel more attractive – or both. And you want that for the rest of your life; not just 30, 60 or 90 days.

When you look at those ultimate, life-long goals, you realize that losing weight is just the first step towards reaching them. It’s not the goal itself.

Unfortunately, everything you’ve ever learned about losing weight, and the entire weight-loss industry, tells you otherwise. By making the goal ‘weight loss’, the dieting industry sets itself up to be the hero coming to your rescue with a never-ending parade of crash diets that will help you do just that: lose weight.

But what happens after the 30, 60 or 90 days of your weight loss diet are over? What happens when you feel weak? Or always hungry? Or irritable?

In a way, none of that matters. You reached your goal when you lost your weight, right?

Everything else, from headaches to hormone imbalances, are just symptoms of reaching your goal, which you’ve done.

So now you’re on your own. See you later and thanks for the cash.

By making weight loss the goal, the diet industry makes it relatively easy to achieve and makes it possible for them to offer lots of different, trendy ways to achieve it.

And the best part for them? If it doesn’t work, which it doesn’t for the vast majority of people, you’ll blame yourself. After all, it can’t be the diet program that’s at fault, look at all those great ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots they have of ‘real people’. And our head-down, no-pain-no-gain attitude to losing weight also means we won’t ever blame them for any health problems we suffer due to the diet.

Put it all together and it’s easy to see why weight loss isn’t really your goal, but just the first step towards the ultimate goal of a healthier life and/or a slimmer body. And, if anything, what you do after you lose the weight might be more important for reaching the ultimate goal.

It’s why every Herbal One Weight Management Program includes a nine-week Stabilization Program after you reach your desired weight, and an ongoing Maintenance Program, both designed to make sure you don’t regain the weight you lost and that you achieve your ultimate goal of life at a lower, healthier weight.


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