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Why You Should Be Careful Which Energy Supplement You Choose

How much more could you do in a day if you only had the energy? Imagine being motivated, clear-headed and focused to do just about anything you set your mind to.

That’s the promise of the myriad of energy vitamins and supplements on the market; to boost energy levels, increase mental energy and solve the problem of your lack of energy. 

Except, regardless of their promise, or their ability to actually deliver on their promise, not all energy supplements are the same or work in the same way. And if you do not choose your energy supplement wisely, you could suffer unwanted side-effects and not get the health benefits you expect.  

The Two Basic Types of Energy Supplements

What do you think of when you think of “energy supplements”? Many people think of “energy boosters”, like caffeine pills or energy drinks, that they use to increase their energy when they feel tired.

Others think of dietary supplements that include a combination of herbs, vitamins and other nutrients, like vitamin B12 and ashwagandha, that support your mental and physical energy more naturally.

The Problem With Energy Boosters  

All energy supplements generally work by increasing your metabolism, so your body burns more energy. But, when you raise your metabolic rate, it affects other systems in your body too, including your circulation, blood pressure, heart function and blood sugar levels. 

Energy boosters, like energy drinks that promise a quick lift in your energy levels, spike your metabolism in ways that can be harmful to those other systems in your body. Many people, especially older adults, report issues with blood sugar levels, heart stress and even anxiety, after using energy boosters. 

Why Choose Herbal Dietary Supplements for Healthy Energy

Herbal dietary supplements, like Herbal One’s Pick Me Up, not only increase your metabolism with their vitamin and nutrient formulation, but they also give your body everything else it needs to maintain your overall health too.

The formulation offers a spike-free energy boost while supporting your heart health, brain function and nervous system. And it supports your body’s absorption of nutrients for a healthy energy boost and better weight loss management.

To learn more about the benefits of nutrition for weight loss, check out our post “How the Domino Effect of Good Nutrition Helps You Lose Weight”.


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