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Optimum D-Tox

Love Your Liver!

Your liver is key to your body’s own detoxifying power. In addition to gently cleansing your body, the blend of herbs in Optimum D-Tox are specially formulated as an herbal d-tox to purify your liver. It works hand in hand with our Bio Body Cleanse and should be used with our Highly Hemp Ultra EFA to replace your good fats as part of your cleanse.


Bentonite Powder
Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, bentonite clay can detoxify the body and relieve digestive problems, including constipation, and promote weight loss.

Marshmallow leaf and root are linked to less constipation and stomach inflammation.

Pumpkin Seed
High in fibre, pumpkin seeds help to filter toxins as they enter your system.

Helps to lower “bad” cholesterol, increase “good” cholesterol, stabilize blood pressure, improve digestive health, and lower blood sugar levels

Black Walnut (Unripe Hulls)
The hull, or outer shell, of black walnut can help keep your intestinal tract healthy.

Peppermint Leaf
Can relieve digestive issues, increase energy levels, and improve your sleep.

Milk Thistle Extract
Can promote weight loss, liver health and lower cholesterol.

Clove (Dried Buds)
High in antioxidants, and known as a bacteria killer, clove protects your liver and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

More Optimum D-Tox Benefits
Optimum D-Tox helps create movement in the body’s digestive system and intestinal tract to help you stay healthy while you lose weight.

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