NPN #80033127

Ultra Enzyme Complex

More Efficient Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

Enzymes are critical for the biochemical activities in your body, especially to breakdown food for nutrition and energy. But age and toxins lower your ability to produce enzymes. That’s where the long list of healthful enzymes in Ultra Enzyme Complex comes in.


Breaks down the starch in your food to ease the burden on your digestive system.

The primary enzyme for getting protein from food.

Helps to efficiently digest fats to help control weight, encourage normal digestion and promote nutrient absorption.

A complex of several enzymes, cellulase helps breakdown cellulose into energy.

Invertase helps you digest sugar and other simple carbohydrates.

With its ability to digest fats, Bromelain is linked to promoting more efficient digestion and weight loss.

An essential amino acid that can help your body absorb calcium and reduce blood pressure.

Pectinase not only supports your digestive system, but your overall physical wellbeing, especially with its anti-aging properties.

More Ultra Enzyme Complex Benefits
As a digestive enzyme supplement, Ultra Enzyme Complex ensures your digestive system is well-stocked with the enzymes it needs for efficient digestion and nutrient absorption. Even more, it helps you enjoy a significant decrease in gas, bloating, food allergies and cholesterol. As a further bonus, it helps with your complexion and has been shown to aid in controlling skin rashes.

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