How the Domino Effect of Good Nutrition Helps You Lose Weight

Posted: November 12, 2020 in Nutrition, Tip
Domino Effect Of Good Nutrition can help you lose weight. Here's how!

The reason most common weight loss techniques, like calorie-cutting crash diets, don’t work is because they over-simplify the problem.

It goes something like this:

This straight-line, cause and effect approach makes it irresistible to everyone involved. First, the people and companies who profit from the $7 billion dollar weight-loss industry love it because it makes the solution so easy to sell. And those of us who want to lose weight, desperate to make a difference in our lives, want to believe that we can finally make it happen.

But losing weight healthily, for the long-term, is anything but a simple, straight-line proposition.

Why a Straight-Line Approach Doesn’t Work for Long-Term Weight Loss

If you simply cut calories, your body fights back because you are threatening its homeostasis – it senses that everything is fine.

The stress that cutting calories causes can lead to physical and mental issues, including inflammation, digestive issues, lack of energy, anxiety and depression. Any or all of those symptoms can, in turn, make it more difficult to lose weight, or even remain healthy.

How the Domino Effect of Good Nutrition Works

An underlying reason why straight-line approaches don’t work is that they have the wrong goal. When you take a different approach, one where the goal is better health, you start to see why straight-line approaches can’t work. 

But how do you make “better health” happen? It starts with good nutrition. 

But, remember, it’s not a straight-line approach. Good nutrition doesn’t lead directly to weight loss. Instead, it begins a chain reaction in your body, a domino effect of healthy transformations that, together, make it easier to healthily lose weight.

Here’s a general idea of how it works.

If you need help to make that first domino of good nutrition fall and start a chain reaction that leads to healthy weight loss, visit your closest Herbal One location and talk to one of our nutrition consultants. They are ready to make it all happen for you.


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