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Anxiety and Weight Gain: What You Need To Know

Most people struggle with anxiety at some point. It can come in many different forms and can take a toll on your daily life. It can also contribute to weight gain.

Here’s some things you need to know about anxiety and weight gain.

Increased Cortisol Levels

If you are experiencing anxiety, chances are you are also experiencing stress. When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol. And, when large amounts are released, cortisol causes fat to build up around your waist. So, if you are under a lot of stress that is triggering your anxiety, it is not uncommon to find it a challenge to lose weight, or even gain some.


Anxiety can sometimes result in overeating. This can be because food is a distraction and makes you feel comforted, or you may feel hungry as a result of the stress on your body. Due to the stress, you may not even realize that you are overeating. Try to be aware of your eating habits when you are anxious to avoid as much weight gain as possible.

Lack of Exercise

When you are experiencing anxiety, you may find it challenging to be physically active. This can be because your body is off or maybe you feel the need to sleep more often. If this is the case, you may find that you gain a bit of weight. Taking a walk or having a quick workout can help alleviate some of your anxiety. So, try to use exercise as an outlet when your anxiety is triggered to avoid weight gain and ease your mind.

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