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3 Spring Weight Loss Tips

Yes, it’s the middle of winter. But that can mean only one thing. Spring’s on its way! 

But for many, spring isn’t the joyous time of year it is for others. As the warm weather approaches, along with its promise of short sleeves and short pants, it can be a difficult time for those of us who are overweight or obese; a time full of self-consciousness and even periods of depression and anxiety.

If that’s you, there’s only one thing you can do about your weight right this minute. Right now, you can commit to doing everything you can to improve your diet and exercise habits. It doesn’t matter what you do, or how much, just that you take steps in the right direction.

Think of it as spring cleaning for your body and mind.  

Tips for Start A Weight Loss Journey into Spring

Even before you start, there’s good news about trying to lose weight in spring. It’s considered by many as the best time of year to reach your weight loss goals. Studies show you eat over 80 calories a day more in the fall versus the spring. And you tend to burn more calories in warmer weather. 

With that in mind, try the following tips to stop weight gain this spring.

  1. Enjoy Fresh Fruits & Vegetables – Food store shelves are bursting with more fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables in the spring. Make it a point to visit the fresh produce section first when food shopping and just dry to avoid all the beautiful, colourful berries; rich, green cucumber and peas; and mouth-watering red apples.

    Anything you choose in this section of the store will likely be far healthier than anything you choose elsewhere in the store because it will be full of nutrients to give you energy, and high in fibre to reduce your appetite. 
  2. Be Mindful of Your Comfort Foods – You don’t have to go on a diet of bland foods that leave you hungry. But just be mindful of the foods you eat.  Snack foods and comfort foods can be the enemy of weight loss.

    Look for the healthiest options. Snack on nuts, seeds and grains. And let’s say cheesy macaroni is your favourite comfort meal. Try it with whole grain pasta and mozzarella cheese.   
  3. Turn Every and Any Activity into a Step Toward your Weight Loss Goal – We mentioned spring cleaning earlier. How much do you like spring cleaning or any kind of cleaning? Instead of focusing on the chore, focus on your health.

    Let’s say you’re cleaning out the garage. It helps to empty the garage first and organize things as you put them back.

    Make it a weight loss game. Count how many objects you pick up, and how many steps you take to where you put it down. How many boxes and steps will you do?

    The best part of focusing on health benefits instead of the chore? Suddenly your garage will be spotless and you will feel great!

If you would like a diet plan customized to your personal nutrition requirements and weight loss goals this spring, visit your nearest Herbal One Centre and chat with one of our nutrition consultants.

For more weight loss tips, check out our article “5 Ways to Lower Your Calorie Intake Without Even Noticing”.


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