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4 Healthy Eating Tips for Winter

Here are the facts: the holidays are over and it’s almost six weeks until we even find out if there will be six more weeks of winter! 

Even if you managed to get through the locked-down holidays without as much straying from your healthy diet, as usual, you’re going to need some healthy eating tips to keep your weight loss program intact.

No worries. We got you back – and stomach!

Stay on Track This Winter With These Healthy Eating Tips

Considering that we’re in the midst of winter and our lives are quite different than they were a year ago, your healthy eating habits are facing a few more curveballs this year than usual. The tips below are designed to help you stay on track, or at the very least, not go too far off course!

  1. Cut Yourself Some Slack – Regardless of how the pandemic has affected your life, you’ve been affected. We’re all dealing with challenges we haven’t faced before. It can all be very destabilizing; physically, mentally and emotionally.

    This is no time to beat yourself up if you over-indulged during the holidays, or if an unhealthy snacking habit has snuck back into your life. Instead of berating yourself, cut yourself some slack. Be mindful of your eating and take steps, at your own pace, to reverse the bad habits. 
  2. Get Into Winter Cooking – Of course, cooking your own healthy meals is the best way to keep track of your balanced diet. And winter means it’s time for some new, and tasty options.  Look for recipes that include broth-based soups, squash, and roasted vegetables. 
  3. Get Back to Basics – If you’re feeling lost about continuing to lose weight, getting more physical activity and anything else you do to be healthier, just focus on the basics of healthy eating and living. 
    1. Fruits & Vegetables – Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Try to have at least two servings of each one every day.
    2. Drink Water – Without the heat of summer, you can slow down your water intake without really noticing. Keeping it up is a big step to staying on track.
    3. Avoid Sugar – Added sugars are everywhere, from spaghetti sauce to sugary drinks, including fruit juices. Paying attention to this one basic thing will pay off not only in helping you lose weight but in many other aspects of your health.
    4. Add Physical Activity to Your Day – Whether you commit to standing while on the phone or your zoom calls, or you’re brave enough to face the cold for a brisk walk, do it. Find some added physical activity that you are comfortable with and add it to your daily routine. 
  4. Get Support – Eating a healthy diet to healthily lose weight is never easy, and trying it on your own, especially these days, can reduce your chances of success. The nutrition consultants at your nearest Herbal One Centre are ready to help and support you when you need it, including creating a customized Herbal One Diet Plan, made up of healthy foods that you can find in regular grocery stores.

To get back to the basics of healthy snacking, check out our article “How to Make Healthy Snacking Part of Your Weight Loss”.


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