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Is This the Easiest New Year’s Resolution Ever for Losing Weight?

There’s a reason why the failure rate of New Year’s losing weight resolutions is over 80%. They usually involve giving up something you love, doing something you hate, or some even more unappealing combination of the two.

But what if you found a resolution that was so easy to do; you already do it regularly without even thinking; and it would actually help you accomplish four of the top ten New Year’s resolutions that people make? 

Walking! It’s Four Losing Weight Resolutions in One

First, if you’ve tried a walking program before and it didn’t work for you, hear us out. Yes, entering a formal program of walking would be great. But that’s a lot to take on if you don’t do any regular physical activity.

So, if all you want to try is to walk around the yard, that’s a good enough start for us. And if you manage to make that even a semi-regular habit, here are the top-ten resolutions you’ll help to accomplish.

  1. Exercise More – Top Ten Resolutions Rank: #1 – If you regularly walk around the yard and didn’t do so before, that counts as more exercise in our books. Wow! Just like that, you’re crushing the most popular New Year’s resolution there is! 
  2. Losing Weight – Top Ten Resolutions Rank: #4 – OK. If you walk around the yard a few times a week, the extra pounds will not likely melt away. But, you will be adding to your calorie deficit; you will be getting your body used to more movement; and you will be enjoying other benefits that can help weight loss, like boosting brainpower, reducing depression, and lowering your risk of illnesses. And if you eventually step out of the yard for a longer walk, then it will indeed help the pounds to fall off! 
  3. Reduce Stress – Top Ten Resolutions Rank: #5 – All that fresh air, even in the winter; increased circulation; and simply moving around, tends to improve your mood, give you time to think (or listen to your favourite podcast) and generally add perspective to the stresses of the day.

If you’re ready to start healthily losing weight for the long-term, the nutrition counsellors at Herbal One are ready to support you and help in every way they can.  They’ll even put together a Herbal One Diet Plan just for you, made up of regular grocery store foods you can find almost anywhere. 

If you want to learn more about healthily losing weight, check out our post “Your Primer on Metabolism & Losing Weight”.


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